Ricky Kershaw directs this relaxing, fluid experience for Kidkanevil. The track is taken from the recently released:  Basho Basho


Light Stage 5

USC ICT’s Fantastic looking Light Stage 5, description via: BOING BOING

“Light Stage is a special effects system for films that records how people and objects look when lit from every possible direction. That way, virtual versions of actors can be accurately “lit” to perfectly match the background set.”

Most recently used in Avatar and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, whilst amazing technology it’s not without its flaws. The number one being it can’t do whole bodys. Light stage 6 has this covered however and looks even more sci-fi – image after the break.

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Woob – Trailer

Trailer for new woob track released today. LINK

Max and Harvey – Sleep

More at the official Max and Harvey Site

Iloobia’s Clawboy


Independent studio – Cinema Iloobia has a few short animations of a character by the name of ‘Clawboy’ who seems to like a good experiment.

Warning: he needs live subjects.

Voice Coder

The Beatles go Manga?

Pete Candeland’s excellent Beatles Rockband promo sees them don an almost Manga-esque appearance before psychedelicness takes over. LINK


Welcome to the world of Marco Brambilla. The piece was created over a six month period with a team of around eight people from collective Crush


Epic stop motion start to this excerpt from graffiti film – ‘Rackgaki’