Woob – Lost 1194 – Launch Event Post


UPDATED – OUT NOW – Bandcamp // Woob HQ

Yes! it’s happening today! …Just I(‘m in UK time)

I’m running a lot behind schedule as forgot today clashed with Prototype Vector’s landing! but it is happening will post some reveal times a little later. Launch event post should begin proper around 10.10 pm (UK time) bookmark this page and get those F5′s/refreshes at the ready!

Lost 1194 Is a collection of previously unreleased recordings from the Woob debut album recording sessions at Square Center Studios. Digitally Re-mastered keeping the integrity of the original sound intact and formed from the alternate live mixes (Wuub had 6!) this collection combines to form an alternative take on 1194.

The roots of most of these recordings can be found in the original Woob six part cassette series. However there are tracks from that series that were not part of the original debut and some of these will also appear as part of this new collection. This launch Event Post will reveal various editions and how these will be included.

The Lost Prologue below gives you an ambient taster of the album to be released Tonight!

The amazing artwork is by French concept artist and illustrator Florian de Gesincourt the widescreen version will feature on the CD.


Event Updated in Reverse Chronological Order. UK Time.

Centre looks pretty dead as invites are only just starting to go out!



Where it All began… Woob – 6 Part Cassette Series (No.6 Not PIctured)


10:38 Sent first batch of invites without any link! but amazingly people are starting to arrive!


10:53 John Carpenter’s The Thing is playing in the Studio

11:04 EPS y or r ?

uncharted1194bNavwuub updated…and we are off !

11:20 ‘FROZEN’ CD Features ‘ Explorer’ artwork + includes the album as a seamless mix like the original. + Includes Digital 24-bit FLAC  – near seamless for those that like to mix it up + a 24bit of the Prologue and ‘Lost Void’ Access Code!


11:25 Launch event Prizes! – U/Scope Stealth T-Shirt for best comment! Red Monochrome for Runner up!

greynecksml11:30 Looks Like were launching before midnight………. pacific time …..aghh..I  may pass out ….back in 15….


11:59 Inflight Edition!!!!!!!!!

inflightYour in flight pack includes
‘Odonna’ Crew leisure wear  (Grey/blk or Infra Grey/white)
Ship Portal Re-usable Window sticker (In Stasis BACK SOON)
Frozen CD featuring Widescreen Explorer artwork
Void (Lost 1194 Edition) Access Code via Email

3 Sizes Available L XL XXL
INFRA Grey is Limited Color Combo one time only

Exclusive to woob hq

12:35 I’m back…graphical error! While you wait there’s the…

em:t edition – includes an aged Replica of the original ‘Square Centre Studio’s’ promotional postcard so you can see where it all happened plus em:t logo sticker, frozen CD + Lost Void – Prize for whoever can tell me what the logo translation.

12:49 EPS r-TYPE

EPS r-TYPE24 Only. r-Type exclusive to HQ and signed



EPS_Y_TYPE24 Only exclusive to woob bandcamp!

Last tangible release of original album in its original form and the first in nearly 20 years!!!

1:26 Woob Monochrome Series No.3

mcblk mcblue(Blk SIgned option is replaced by Signed limited edition BLUE 20 only! at HQ!)

2:00 am Amazing artwork by Florian


Licensed for 20 only this exclusive 20 x 10 inch hand numbered print on Hahnemühle paper will be printed using Fine Art Trade Guild approved equipment, inks and paper, and sent in a strong cardboard tube – includes Lost 1194 ‘Frozen’ CD

2:28 As it was late start and I’ve been up forever! classic lost images of stuff  cassettes etc from early days will be posted over the next few days either here or on another post.

2:31 T:ME for one last thing….

2:39 At the foot of the Chasm embedded in the ice 5 spherical objects never before seen… an unknown format  – what do they contain…..

LOSTVINYLThere’s only one way to find out!


12cm very rare vinyl Video clue on Sunday! 5 only ! 4 left;)

Bandcamp page will go live shortly as will woobhq.com

Album and HQ now live!

Thanks everyone!


  1. Bam!!

  2. Paul, is the sale going on today or later this week?

  3. Tonight at some point!

  4. Lol. My girlfriend is going to be so pissed when i spend the entire evening glued to the site!……. Worth it!


  6. Elementary, my dear Watson


  8. I just had to let the wife out and back in again, I didn’t realise they could be trained this easy…
    Bring on more launch nights ;)

  9. If anyone’s interested, I used to have a Norwegian flatmate, and the helicopter pilot at the start of “The Thing” is saying “It’s not a dog! You don’t understand! It’s not a dog!”. Which kind of ruins the element of surprise for Norwegian viewers.

  10. Prizes! – U/Scope Stealth T-Shirt for best comment! Red Monochrome for Runner up!

  11. What’s a “Stealth T-shirt”? A vest?

  12. I think stealth t-shirts are those meshy things big in the 70’s… it’s kind of there, kind of not there.

  13. Snow is now starting to clog up my keyboa

  14. We may ask the South African signer to translate these shirts, it can’t be less logical than Pauls clues

  15. Awesome! sounds fantastic. time to plug in my favourite headphones. :)

  16. Look out penguins, the walrus is Paul.

  17. Stephen rodd says:

    You mean a string vest? Hope these tees aren’t XL again….. Not stealth on me ;)

  18. Lost1194 is the Thing I have dreamt about since 1194!

  19. (Veins pulsing.. Woob woob…….Woob woob……..Woob woob…..)

  20. back in 15 hours?

  21. Wow, just wow. I missed the launch! Is this available for purchase/download yet?

  22. My 3rd Woob shirt in 2 months time?

  23. Wah!

  24. Have to get some sleeeeeeppppppppppppp

  25. …. Slow motion !!

  26. Please. Need to go to bed!

  27. just kick back relax, pour a single malt and it will all unfold naturally

  28. deafening suspense :)

  29. Pins under the eyelids time…

  30. F5 fatigue!

  31. A little dream for waiting

  32. I need to go and pay a visit to the old Master Control …

  33. So….Related to the original teaser. Have you reprocessed these tracks through RSS or was that a reference to the RSS that was used on the originals?

    PS. Super elated for this release. However…once again: Void Pt.1………on vinyl…….Please ….pretty please! Hehe. Keep it up mate and you will be the death of my wallet.

  34. EPS in 10…

  35. Aliens took my friend!! HELP!!!

  36. em:t logo is the Japanese character meaning ‘shine’ :)

  37. A particle physicist gets stopped by the police for speeding. The officer taps on the window and says “Sir, do you know how fast you were going?” and the particle physicist says “Yes. But now I don’t know where I am”.

  38. Just trying to keep us all awake

  39. Magnificent concepts, deserving of the wait and 20 years anniversary :)

  40. So we can sleep peacefully in Europe for now?

  41. Womb + Boob = Woob

  42. Back at 5:40 PST

  43. Did I miss something? Can we buy the album yet?!

  44. I think it’s a trap.

  45. 40 minutes, 7% battery life

  46. invites is slowing this down so no more.. next update incoming

  47. updated

  48. Me Monochromed…

  49. Difficult to choose the black or the blue…

  50. Unknown Majestic Lifeforms are certainly penguins…
    but what hide the Underground Chasam ?

  51. Christ. This is enough to put one off of penguins for a year!

  52. just gonna finish up the stores then time for one last thing!

  53. For you, dahling, all the t:me :n the world…!!

  54. F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5

  55. Well, I’ve loved up my wife and washed my car now. Is it t:me?

  56. OK stores looking good but probably left out delivery on the Penguin water slide edition.
    back in 20!

  57. あのペンギンはどうなった?

  58. ‘Time’ just came on itunes weird coincidence again

  59. LOST VINYL 93/10 very mysterious and very impressionant !!!

  60. I must have that vinyl! Since it already says only 4 of 5 left I take it you put one aside for me? ; P Lol. I wish!

  61. Ah! There it is. Found it!

  62. live on the hour!

  63. Thanks everyone !


      С днем рождения
      عيد ميلاد سعيد
      יום הולדת שמח
      Aniversario Alegre
      Gioioso Compleanno
      Joyeux Anniversaire
      Happy Birthday


  64. Bandcamp not live?

  65. sorry easier to find now!

  66. was a stealth album reveal;)

  67. Mr. Franklin, you are making me very poor…and what a great way to spend!

  68. Missed out on the vinyl. Heartbroken!

  69. Vinyl appears to be still available, I just tried and it let me add to cart

  70. it tells me it’s not “Sorry, there are no “’50 Below’ Lost Vinyl 9310 + CD” left. All others are either sold or being held in other buyers’ carts. Buyers have 10 minutes to checkout, after which it may become available again.”

    • looks like Ronald picked you to the post he must have got some EPS power for is laptop battery!

      • Sold out and we don’t even know what’s on it! Will a reveal give us more info or do we wait for arrival?

  71. Damn it. Every time I refreshed it told me none left. Damn carts!

  72. Bandcamp threw a wobbly and overwrote physical ship date-said everything was shipping today!…It’s not just incase anyone thought it might be:)

  73. Does the EPS verson come with physical copies of both the normal album and the Em:t version or should I be grabbing the signed and sealed along with it?

  74. One “fairly” well behaved 6 year old offered in exchange for the vinyl! Any takers?

    • He’s a hard worker!…..Anyone?!

      • Hmm, I don’t really have any use (or room) for a 6 year old. But I will gladly loan you a vinyl if you promise to take care of it. Seriously though, If Paul/Woob keeps this up, a “Woob Museum” won’t be completely out of the realm of possibility. The number of rarities is getting to be hard to keep track of. Imagine it, you walk into a building and there before you is the monowuub, the single edition of the Utrascope vinyl, the original analog masters for 1194, and a giant wax penguin. They could even include a “working” square center studios replica room with an RSS-10 playing a looped 1194 sample and you could pan the sound around multiple channels in the room. Sorry Paul (Woob), just having a laugh but I do like the idea of being able to see all of the limited releases in one place. Maybe a fan-generated website with Hi-Res pictures of all your limited releases? A Virtual Museum?

  75. Before the onsale, I misread and thought you had a stash of the original 1194 e:mit digipacks and were selling those off. Got pretty excited since I only have the US/non-digipack version.

  76. Wow. Two new Woob projects in the space of two months. This could only be a better year for music if Robin Thicke fell into a threshing machine. Thanks Paul! W

  77. Quick Monochrome Blue update – if you ordered one you can request a digital code, details now on the page (they were missing at launch)

  78. Competition results in next few days look out for a Woob – Retrospective post!

    • Which competition, I’m not still concentrated and english sometimes raises problems and aspects of the blog escape me.
      Moreover some of my comments are certainly written in even dark incorrect english.

      Sorry :)

  79. Missed it :(

  80. I believe the whole recurring theme of penguins has to do with the crash in Antarctica…

    By that token, when releasing Repurpose, maybe a different ship would crash in Brazil or something (Toucans).

    • Repurpose? what hold on…..:)

      • Lost Wuub sounds great, lots of layers are coming to the surface with repeated listening.
        (I kind of was referring to the inflatable penguins and I thought of 4495)

  81. it does sound great, by the way

  82. Thanks for an entertaining launch night again
    I did actually fall asleep about 1am, I missed things but got the CD’s & monochrome CD I think – It’s downloaded now and ready for first full listen
    My only complaint would be, it’s a shame that we couldn’t have individual tracks as well as mixed, its always nice to put together playlists but not so easy when tracks are mixed as one
    Keep up the good work, I did catch an earlier reply about a ‘lost 9310’ – I was assuming that was humor but am I wrong?

    • but you did get individual tracks and mixed?!

      • did i? I got the monochrome cd and the signed sealed pack, when i added it to my ipod it said 6 tracks+prologue
        have i missed something then, going to have first full listen when there is peace in the house later

  83. digital is almost seamless but they are separate. / CD seamless like original.
    Prologue is full on mix though obviously:)

    • ahh that maketh more sense now, that was probably too many f5’s and even more coffee affecting the brain


  85. Linefader says:

    I just listened to the digital version of Lost 1194. Sounds great, but I was wondering what the sample rate of the FLAC version is. My DAC display shows only 44.1 kHz. Shouldn’t it be HighRes (96 kHz or higher). Is there something wrong with my setup?

  86. The Dude says:

    I finally cracked the code… it was a Woob that sank the Titanic, right?


  1. […] we have whittled down the final selection and are now ready to reveal the winners for the Lost 1194 launch event comment competition, so without further […]

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