Amazing concept art spaceship by Pavel Mikhailenko VIA


Have had to go back to a customised version of the old theme because of the issue below and a few other things.


This post is also a test as I am having a few issues with invisible Bandcamp embeds in this new blog format. So please let me know if you……

……..see the Space Therapy and RTTC P.Flux embed’s below in Firefox, IE or Chrome.

They should be above here.


  1. Awesome spaceship.
    Safari shows embeds for Space Therapy and Paradigm Flux EP.

    • season9 says:

      Hi Si! – Yeah I’m also seeing them in Safari in ios and X albeit with a massive gap at the bottom – but not in Firefox.

      • quantumclockwork says:

        just tried firefox in windows; your page works fine once I allowed scripts

      • season9 says:

        Thanks for checking – If I clear my cookies I can get them to appear once in firefox (osx) but if I click away and then return they are gone:(

      • quantumclockwork says:

        Hey it’s only the 21st century :-).
        Do you get the same problem on other websites that use the same embed system?
        Sounds like a browsing problem on your end rather than a problem with your site.
        (Though I am getting completely different fonts between Windows+Firefox and Safari+OSX…)

      • season9 says:

        No problems on other sites or even this site with the old format.
        Different fonts! Oh no please tell me you aren’t seeing ‘comic sans’ in windows:)
        [boots linux rapidly]

      • quantumclockwork says:


        No comic sans; I’ve looked a bit more — I would say the site looks okay on Firefox+Windows, and broken on Safari+OSX: The text is a *tiny* fixed width font, and oddly Zoom (Cmd +) doesn’t work on the text — the layout expands but the text stays tiny.

        The old format is looking better all the time :-)

      • season9 says:

        Hey! the text is meant to be small! its called style over usability:) Don’t know why you can’t zoom in Safari, CMD+ works fine in Firefox.
        Just checked Ubuntu / Firefox and Bandcamp shows! CMD+ works, all fine except for that massive space! (might be ad-format getting confused or something)

  2. looks fine in chrome (osx) but with the big gap you mentioned.

  3. Same as others… I’m getting a large blank space with Firefox running on Mountain Lion, but the embeds are OK with Safari and Chrome.

    • season9 says:

      Thanks Andrew – So to confirm no embeds coming up in Firefox then? As I see a blank space and embeds in Firefox/Linux but in OSX Leopard just space. If not must be a Firefox/OSX combo issue then.

  4. stephen says:

    hi paul

    yeah,i’m getting both those embeds on chrome.
    btw…that concept site is cool!


  5. Love the new site design. Yeah, those embeds are definitely not showing up in Firefox.

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