Intervision MXV Now Available

HC 4

Intervision MXV is now available to pre-order.

Hard Copy No.4 in the Woob Collectors Series includes INTERVISION 1015 (Time Limited Edition) 24bit Masters + MXV 24 bit Masters. [Read more…]

Woob – Overrun_exe/ Driving Through Your Dreams To Save You

The Neon Demon


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Rise to The Leap

If you like short sci-fi films this is definitely worth a look. Although the story doesn’t really work for me (too predictable)  and it’s unnecessarily slow and awkward in places it pocesses some inventive visual treats and the female lead is well cast. Also worth it just for the final 5 minutes and that great soundtrack by Chris Green.

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Uncanny Valley

Stick with it and you will be rewarded. [Read more…]

Finally a Superhero Film Worth Watching


Woob – DEATH BY COIN-OP : Trailer

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Brighton Aint Ready 2

Essential viewing


The Leviathan

Finally the asteroid monster from The Empire Strikes Back gets his own movie!