Woob – Repurpose / Available Now


You can listen to it or buy it on Download(FLAC/MP3 etc) or CD/Download from HERE

If you want to see the trailer or read a bit more about the First Edition CD check out the posts below.

For those looking on iTunes it will be available later next month.(Though you can get lossless audio and higher quality mp3/aac audio from Woobsound/Bandcamp and all money goes direct to the artist- unlike iTunes.)


  1. PsycoEwok says:

    Thank god, I’ve been refreshing your store page all day waiting to buy this album. :) Already made my purchase; hopefully I get a pretty low number CD as a result (or got one at all).

    Listening to it right now and I’m loving what I’m hearing. :) Can’t wait to get my CD!

    • season9 says:

      Hi PsycoEwok – it took 6 hours to upload in the end for some reason.

      …anyway it looks like your repeated F5’s paid off:)

  2. Mike Mullen says:

    OMG! Just gave it the full listen. 85 Bit is absolute bliss. The whole album is amazing but I can’t possibly express how great that particular song is. I am so glad that Woob has graced us with his presence once again. Thanks so much Paul Frankland!!!

  3. Steven says:

    Downloading the FLAC right now, hopefully I get a pretty low number too :)

  4. Vincent says:

    Great work indeed !
    The whole project is great, remembering me Woob 4495 I’ve not (could it be reedited ?) and it’s true that 85-bit is the master piece of the release : awesome track really, I’ll tweet it asap !
    I’m waiting for the CD now, listing to all tracks in loop ! :)
    Thanks !

    regards from France,

  5. season9 says:

    Cheers@ Vincent/Steve

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