Woob – Tokyo Run – Launch Night


Now live thanks to everyone for your support.

Bandcamp / WoobHQ

Above artwork by Adrian Dadich

Tonight is the Night! Event Starts at 9pm


Event Updated in Reverse Chronological Order. UK Time.

8:31 People starting to arrive already….


8:44 Incase you missed it earlier in the week

Some album blurb….

Inspired by the sci-fi short Tokyo Run combined with the narrative of Mass Distraction The album is a dark and cinematic insight into a dystopian future nobody wants.


8:55 Saturn 3 is playing at HQ


8:57 There will be prizes….

invite b

best comment gets a ‘Tokyo Run’ mug!!!! update – a T.Run Launch night mug!!!^^^

best bandcamp review gets a signed Tokyo Run Logo mug!

9:10 Running a bit late….Vinyl Video Reveal @10pm UK time

9:25 If you like the album cover…..

tr print hqAmazing hand drawn art by Adrian Dadich and licensed for 10 only this exclusive 11 x 8 inch print will be printed using Fine Art Trade Guild approved equipment, inks and paper, Comes complete with a signed & numbered certificate of authenticity. Available at Woobhq.com after album goes live.

10:00 Just gonna leave this out there for now….

10:27 Woob Tokyo Run ‘Zoetrope’ Vinyl!


Prototype design/animation by Iloobia using source material from the film ‘Tokyo Run’

zoe angle

10:39 Mainframe Edition Includes sleeve label and Mainframe track listing Art Card

mainframe detail b

tracklist bc

10:51 Japanese Import Edition!!!

import detail 2

Limited to 50 and Includes 1 x limited edition 6″x 8″ Print inspired by the film ‘Tokyo Run’ with illustration by Kai Arc + Japanese Import style sleeve label.


there are 4x Print style options. Only 1x random print is included.

11:00 Japanese Import Vinyl LP – HQ Version limited to 25 includes signed import label and exclusive ‘Clicker 77130’ 6×8″ Print


11:08 There’s always ….


Access the Novak Surveillance loading bay via uncharted swampland. Use a stolen hacked Level 6 keycard to disable security loading bots…..

novak hq


Series 8 Level 6 Novak Surveillance Keycard HQ Version (limited to 30) Includes Signed loading bay artcard.


Accessing mainframe gets you…
Tokyo Run – 24bit Masters
Tokyo Run – Epilogue – Schematics Pt.2 (Exclusive Track)
Tokyo Run – Continuous ambient tracks mix Version (includes exclusive additional extended ambient-ness!)

11:28 OK one more very special edition:) Just gotta check a few things then album will go live after the final edition is announced – should be before Midnight UK time




Signed Vinyl Test Pressing (ISOV001)

Japanese Import Vinyl LP (HQ Version)

All 4 Print Variants from Japanese Import Bandcamp Version

Mainframe Edition – Tracklisting Art Card

Isometric Stickers

11:59 OK gonna go live thanks everyone, digital first then various editions will become available!


It’s Happening!……

invite b

Woob – Tokyo Run – Advance Track Previews + Cover Art Revealed

TokyorunThe time is almost upon us for the first ever Woob vinyl LP release!  Tokyo Run is Currently penciled in for a launch post event this Sunday 22nd October and will be available on Digital/Vinyl/USB.

Until then take a look at the illustration used for the cover art by the incredibly talented Adrian Dadich. This piece along with the original ‘ Tokyo Run’ and ‘Mass Distraction’ stories by Adam Foley (among others) helped inspire the album’s cyberpunk sound.

To give you and Idea of what to expect you can listen to the ambient soundscapes of the track ‘0.04 内部’ << here >> exclusively through Season 9 until launch.

Also for those who prefer their Woob sound with a little more urgency the relentless Sanction 人造 is embedded below-

Comment on the soundcloud waveform above and my favourite comment will receive some signed Novak Surveillance artwork (not shown). Novak 監視 ™ is the fictional megacorp ruining the lives of both human and synthetics alike in the `Tokyo Run’ universe. [Read More…]

LudoWic Jam 19

There’s so much stuff out there it so easy to get jaded but then once in a while something really stands out!

Watch Blade Runner ‘Blackout 2022’ Short Anime

blackout2022bladerunner 2022 [Read More…]

Woob – Omricon OUT NOW!


As part of the new NRW Records awesome Magnatron 2.0 compilation the new Woob track Omricon is out today. With the blood red vinyl option selling out almost instantly now would be a good time to grab one of the newly available black vinyl options before they disappear! [Read More…]

Woob – Overrun_exe Now on iTunes, Spotify and More.

Woob – Overrun_exe AKA Overrun Exe is now available to buy on iTunes, Google etc and stream on Spotify and Apple Music [Read More…]

Woob – ‘Omricon’ revealed as part of Magnatron 2.0

Woob’s brand new and rather lengthy track Omricon a spiritual successor to Overrun_exe is now available to pre-order as part of a brand new NRW Records compilation Magnatron 2.0. The album which also includes track from Waveshaper, Tonebox and Alex among others is to be available on numerous formats. The New York based label is offering a CD option along with a limited edition blood red vinyl! [Read More…]

Intervision MXV Now Available

HC 4

Intervision MXV is now available to pre-order.

Hard Copy No.4 in the Woob Collectors Series includes INTERVISION 1015 (Time Limited Edition) 24bit Masters + MXV 24 bit Masters. [Read More…]

Exclusive – New Woob Cyberpunk Album Reveal Trailer/s

Combining 2012’s sci-fi short Tokyo Run with 2015’s Mass Distraction cyberpunk EP narrative. The new Woob album to be (released later this year) is a dark and heavy insight into a dystopian future nobody wants. [Read More…]

Triad – Neon


Nice fat sounding capture! [Read More…]

Forgotten Futures

ht1ht2ht3 [Read More…]


Intervision MXV will include Prologue for New Woob Cyberpunk Album

Intervision MXV – Hard Copy No.4 in the Woob collectors series which includes 24 bit masters of the Time Limited version of Intervision 1015 and MXV is to receive some exclusive bonus content.

First up ‘ Schematics’ is a Prologue for forthcoming Woob album codename ‘WAKV’ out later this year.   There will also be a 24 bit remaster of UNKNOWN QUANTITY the track that kickstarted the Woob reboot. [Read More…]


Woob Filter………

Woob – Lost 1194 – Launch Event Post


UPDATED – OUT NOW – Bandcamp // Woob HQ

Yes! it’s happening today! …Just I(‘m in UK time)

I’m running a lot behind schedule as forgot today clashed with Prototype Vector’s landing! but it is happening will post some reveal times a little later. Launch event post should begin proper around 10.10 pm (UK time) bookmark this page and get those F5′s/refreshes at the ready!

Lost 1194 Is a collection of previously unreleased recordings from the Woob debut album recording sessions at Square Center Studios. Digitally Re-mastered keeping the integrity of the original sound intact and formed from the alternate live mixes (Wuub had 6!) this collection combines to form an alternative take on 1194.

The roots of most of these recordings can be found in the original Woob six part cassette series. However there are tracks from that series that were not part of the original debut and some of these will also appear as part of this new collection. This launch Event Post will reveal various editions and how these will be included.

The Lost Prologue below gives you an ambient taster of the album to be released Tonight!

The amazing artwork is by French concept artist and illustrator Florian de Gesincourt the widescreen version will feature on the CD.


Event Updated in Reverse Chronological Order. UK Time.

Centre looks pretty dead as invites are only just starting to go out!



Where it All began… Woob – 6 Part Cassette Series (No.6 Not PIctured)


10:38 Sent first batch of invites without any link! but amazingly people are starting to arrive!


10:53 John Carpenter’s The Thing is playing in the Studio

11:04 EPS y or r ?

uncharted1194bNavwuub updated…and we are off !

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