Woob – Adaption Album Preview


Mash-up of some tracks from the forthcoming new Woob album Adaption, more info in this post

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Woob – Adaption


Originally born out of an early track for a previously teased release ‘Adaption is a psychological thriller / horror musical adaptation of a story centered around a small coastal town’s abandoned video-arcade that mysteriously springs to life after midnight transforming all its unsuspecting visitors into the undead.

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The Future V



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Woob – Coming Soon… Teaser

More Sci-fi shenanigans coming this summer Winter !

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Woob – Intervision 1015 – Out Now

An intergalactic mash up of epic proportions drawing on five years worth of material + new mixes and tracks from the future – Intervision 1015 – the ultimate in mind cinema.

Featuring over 80 minutes of continuous Woob

Also Includes 1x all new bonus track + 4 x Complete and unmixed tracks and alternate artwork for a limited time only. LINK

Woob – Intervision 1015 – Coming Soon


I wanted to do something to mark the five year anniversary of the Woob reboot (see this post). It was suggested maybe a compilation of fave tracks but that just seemed a little obvious, so I have created a new excursion using edits, bits, halves and some wholes of existing tracks mixed together with new sound bites, a hand full of remixes, a couple of rarities and a track from the future in an intergalactic mash up of epic proportions. Drawing on five years worth of material Intervision 1015 is the ultimate in mind cinema.

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Woob – Light and Levitation [Epilogue]… Expires Today!


UPDATED – It’s gone! Big thanks to everyone who grabbed a copy.

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Woob – Teaser

The Leviathan

Finally the asteroid monster from The Empire Strikes Back gets his own movie!

Code System


source unknown


Stellar indeed Via


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Buchla Music Easel

Hypnotic! Via

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Woob Filter………

Woob – Lost 1194 – Launch Event Post


UPDATED – OUT NOW – Bandcamp // Woob HQ

Yes! it’s happening today! …Just I(‘m in UK time)

I’m running a lot behind schedule as forgot today clashed with Prototype Vector’s landing! but it is happening will post some reveal times a little later. Launch event post should begin proper around 10.10 pm (UK time) bookmark this page and get those F5′s/refreshes at the ready!

Lost 1194 Is a collection of previously unreleased recordings from the Woob debut album recording sessions at Square Center Studios. Digitally Re-mastered keeping the integrity of the original sound intact and formed from the alternate live mixes (Wuub had 6!) this collection combines to form an alternative take on 1194.

The roots of most of these recordings can be found in the original Woob six part cassette series. However there are tracks from that series that were not part of the original debut and some of these will also appear as part of this new collection. This launch Event Post will reveal various editions and how these will be included.

The Lost Prologue below gives you an ambient taster of the album to be released Tonight!

The amazing artwork is by French concept artist and illustrator Florian de Gesincourt the widescreen version will feature on the CD.


Event Updated in Reverse Chronological Order. UK Time.

Centre looks pretty dead as invites are only just starting to go out!



Where it All began… Woob – 6 Part Cassette Series (No.6 Not PIctured)


10:38 Sent first batch of invites without any link! but amazingly people are starting to arrive!


10:53 John Carpenter’s The Thing is playing in the Studio

11:04 EPS y or r ?

uncharted1194bNavwuub updated…and we are off !

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