Happy Life Day.

If you have never seen the Star Wars Christmas Special – don’t bother it’s awful, though it is bizarre and well worth a skim through. Especially Part 4 – around 6 minutes in where Chewbacca’s dad – Itchy is given a ‘Happy Life day’ present. It is explained to him simply as “Wow” but is probably best described as a sexy virtual woman!

Anyway whatever you do just don’t listen to the Happy Life Day song.

Present after the break…

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Max and Harvey – Silk.

‘Silk’ Poster – North America, 1983

Silk’ European promo poster, 1969.

The Max & Harvey animated full-length (7.5min) feature film is nearly finished. Look out for a trailer at some point in the new year!


Trailer Now HERE

Woob – Paradigm Flux and Inter // States interviews.

Mat Jarvis has mini – interviews with Samuel Cockedey and myself about Inter // States and the Paradigm Flux EP over at Microscopics. There is also a competition. LINK

Also for those adverse to Paypal you can now get Paradigm flux on iTunes worldwide. LINK

Woob – TEN TON LABORATORY : Vol. 1 – Scream Systems x50i.

First in the series – a sort of Woob behind the scenes !

More info and HD

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One Hundred.

Sunset City by Eric Gagnon via

This is the 100th post on Season 9, it seems my sporadic posting meant it took a while to get here. There is however plenty of new Woob, Antenna and Max & Harvey content to come over the following months and it’s not all just about my own projects, there are more interviews ahead and a plethora of other things, starting with this amazing concept artwork by Eric Gagnon Make sure you click-through to the excellent Coolvibe where you will find an extremely high res version. LINK

DeLorean Round-up.

Moving sideways on from Woob Paradigm Flux to one of the capacitor variety. Image: via

There seems to have been a load of story’s recently about DeLorean’s, (including the Back to the Future kind).  So for those with a healthy fascination for a car whose short lived manufacturing history only strengthened its status as the ultimate time machine, check the links below…

Most Realistic Back to the Future Car Hits Ebay via: Jalopnik

This Coffee Shop Has A Back To The Future DeLorean Parked Inside via: Gizmodo

The Mac Mini-based DeLorean drivable drive-in via: Engadget

Build your own DeLorean via: Season 9

…and here’s some YouTube Links:

Bond vs DeLorean – vs Volkswagan

Live the Dream – Original DeLorean Commercial

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Woob – Paradigm Flux [EP]

Paradigm Flux [EP] is a taster for the forthcoming new Woob soundtrack album of the same name.

Aswell as the ‘Tokyo Cut’ of the title track ‘Paradigm Flux’ ( the soundtrack to inter // states.) The EP also includes 2 short-form and exclusive versions of tracks from the forthcoming album.

You can find woob – Paradigm Flux [EP] HERE

Inter // States

Inter // States a collaboration between myself and king of time lapse photography – Samuel Cockedey.

Samuel’s striking visuals focus on the neon / sci-fi – esque urban landscape of Tokyo after dark and the music includes a specially worked arrangement of the title track from the forthcoming Woob album Paradigm Flux.

Make sure you click the vimeo logo above and watch it in glorious HD.

and be sure to check out the rest of Samuel’s wonderful work either at his vimeo page or by visiting his website. To learn more about the process behind the making of Inter // States you can read an interview with him at this very site. LINK

Max and Harvey’s – Music Emporium.

The long-awaited Max and Harvey début album, (aka Woob³) is still one track away from completion but don’t despair as there are a number of things coming to tide you over until its eventual arrival.

It seems you can’t actually get the Max & Harvey – Sleep single outside of Europe on download (iTunes). So for the first time ever…you can – through Max & Harvey’s all new Music Emporium.

Better still, not only are the tracks available in lossless format but you also get the Sleep Film in Quicktime format, hi-res jpeg’s of the original 10″ Vinyl Artwork + the film soundtrack as a separate audio download.

you can find Max & Harvey’s Music Emporium HERE

and look out for a Free Max & Harvey EP and other stuff coming soon.