Silence_Television_DeloreanThis cool poster by Gianmarco Magnani for Back to the Future – Part II not only looks great but It also doubles up as further clues to 1113


  1. A butterfly effect ? An elliptic journey between Paradigm Flux and Return to the City ? A prelude to Tokyo Run ? Various pieces of a musical puzzle ? A road movie gathering old and new projects ? The mystery Woob, the pleasure to fantasize to fill the wait !

  2. Void Part 3?

    • season9 says:

      No but that’s overdue:)

      • Any chance of getting Void Part One unmixed as well, that’s such a cool track, come to think of it, Strawberry Girl – Poesie would be great to have unmixed as well, another lost em:t classic both from em:t 0094 – I don’t suppose you have any info on Poesie at all?

      • void unmixed! …could be a challenge

  3. Ah now where would the world be without a challenge… or two ;)
    If you get a chance check out this Discogs release
    A Woob remix could be very interesting…

  4. Sorry forgot this part…
    Back to the Future II was released in November 1998, so that is, I would say obviously the 11 part (1113) but with Woob nothing is as obvious as it seems, so my guess is release date November 2013 – Remastered 1194 – hopefully expanded with individual mixes – woobites can hope :)

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