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Woob – Have Landed Technicolor CD now available So-lus


Having sold out again the Technicolor CD is now back and available on its own for the first time. This is the last of the stock of the re-press and it will not get another one as I am phasing out CD’s.


This could soon be the last available CD to buy from the Woob Bandcamp store, as stock is getting low on Lost 1194 and Ultrascope. Oh and as for that green monochrome I’ll get on to to it eventually!


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This is a weird one as this pilot for sci-fi sitcom had not been seen for 35 years until uploaded recently by one of the effects technicians who worked on the show. It originally only aired once on CBS in June 1979 it’s kinda wacky and a little surreal – probably best it didn’t go any further! but great to see this stuff resurface. Full story Via

Woob – Light and Levitation (Epilogue) An LP with an Expiration Date – Out Now

Looks like I’m, ahead of myself! and the album is out now.!..
Light and Levitation (Epilogue) is a Time Limited sequel to an album that does not yet exist.
A mini LP with an expiration date available to download for just 40 days after which it will be deleted in it’s current form. Full back story HERE



Woob – Light and Levitation [Epilogue] – Out this Week


As you can see above, in this behind the scenes screen grab, track 2 (of 7) is uploading and the album is almost complete. I still need to test upload and check track mix points, then probably re-upload another time but all going well it should be available to download from this week and as early as tomorrow.

Woob – Light and Levitation


Amazing photography by Sofia Ajram via DRB’s extreme sleeping series

Sometime around December 2013 I was having a conversation with a friend about how surprised I was by the relatively high number of Ultrascope CD sales given the niche that is Woob and indeed the now niche that are CD’s and that it was a shame there were not enough to make a living from enabling me to focus on Woob music exclusively. He comically suggested that all I needed was one big Xmas Hit –  along the lines of Mariah Carey, Slade or Wham!. I jokingly replied that maybe a penguin chorus would be more appropriate! However the next day that conversation jogged my memory, reminding me of a choral album concept I previously had.

The album already had a rough (now abandoned) track that featured (in part) on the mix I did for French FM Radio show SolenoMix with it’s title – Light and Levitation inspired by the photograph above. So I decided to revive the idea, it was too late for that year…I planned on 2014.

Flash Forward to December last year and I had almost finished the second track when disaster struck – I won’t go into details on that now but the idea was that every December / early January a piece or two of ambient choral music would be released under the banner Light and Levitation and after the holidays would be removed until the following year when another piece would be added to the collection until, however many years down the line, a full album would be complete and made available – potentially up to a decade from now.

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Woob – Reboot is Five

Above – where it began

The Woob reboot is 5 this year – never have so many months flown by quite so quickly. Back in 2010 when Unknown Quantity was released (on New Years Day!) I wondered  where it all might lead, back then I could never have predicted the sheer quantity of output both musical and physical. At risk of sounding a bit corny – focusing on Woob may have been a financial challenge (massive understatement) but it’s been rewarding in so many other ways.

So massive thanks to those who came along for the ride and have helped support the music over the years … hopefully there’s a couple more to come.

Let me know your favourite new Woob track in the comments.

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Woob – What We Came Here For


From Ambient Disaster Movie

Planet II