Woob – Coming Soon… Teaser

More Sci-fi shenanigans coming this summer* !

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Woob – Intervision 1015 – Out Now

An intergalactic mash up of epic proportions drawing on five years worth of material + new mixes and tracks from the future – Intervision 1015 – the ultimate in mind cinema.

Featuring over 80 minutes of continuous Woob

Also Includes 1x all new bonus track + 4 x Complete and unmixed tracks and alternate artwork for a limited time only. LINK

Woob – Intervision 1015 – Coming Soon


I wanted to do something to mark the five year anniversary of the Woob reboot (see this post). It was suggested maybe a compilation of fave tracks but that just seemed a little obvious, so I have created a new excursion using edits, bits, halves and some wholes of existing tracks mixed together with new sound bites, a hand full of remixes, a couple of rarities and a track from the future in an intergalactic mash up of epic proportions. Drawing on five years worth of material Intervision 1015 is the ultimate in mind cinema.

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Woob – Light and Levitation [Epilogue]… Expires Today!


UPDATED – It’s gone! Big thanks to everyone who grabbed a copy.

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Woob – Teaser

The Leviathan

Finally the asteroid monster from The Empire Strikes Back gets his own movie!

Code System


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Stellar indeed Via


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Buchla Music Easel

Hypnotic! Via

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