Triad – Neon


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Woob – Listen to DEATH BY COIN-OP title track ahead of release exclusively on Neon Vice


DBCB2I’m currently putting the final touches to the track ‘Final Fight’ ahead of the DEATH BY COIN-OP album release this Friday, in the meantime you can now listen to the title track Death by Coin-op exclusively over at Neon Vice LINK

Woob – DEATH BY COIN-OP Now Available to Pre-order

DEATH BY COIN-OP : Adaption Part 3 is now available to pre-order. You get 2 tracks up front and the whole thing emailed to you on release day in early April. [Read more…]

Woob – Interview Plus New Album Revealed Exclusively at NeonVice

It seems Season 9 lost out on the exclusive reveal of the new Woob album – yes another one! In an interview at the awesome NeonVice there are details on the next Woob release + talk on Adaption, production/studio insights and more. Neonvice is a great resource for new music and artist interviews – so head over there now and get the low down!  LINK

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Driller – Loading Theme C64

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Woob – Repurpose, 2nd Edition CD, Now Available.

Be Quick;) LINK

Woob -Repurpose track (the last 5 minutes)

Season 10.

Wow that was quick, a year 367 days of Season 9 already.

Here’s my top 5 favourite posts so far (not including interviews)

No.5 Build your own DeLorean

No.4 Light Stage 5

No.3 Woob Repurpose / Available Now

No.2 Voice Coder

No.1 The last v8

Special mention goes out to the post Russian tea which is second only to Woob posts to bring people to the site by way of google search.

Interviews are a recent addition heres the list so far.

Mat Jarvis – Gas/High Skies

Martin Jung – Kritzelmusic

Iloobia – Cinema Iloobia

There’s a part 2 of the interview with Mat Jarvis coming up later this week.

Visa Röster – Thrust.

I already featured the greatest piece of videogame music ever written – The Last V8. Well the 2nd greatest piece of videogame music ever written is also by Rob Hubbard but I just discovered this vocal and Piano reinterpretation by Swedish vocal ensemble Visa Röster. (They also do a live rendition of International Karate which is pretty weird – link ) If you know the original it’s certainly strange hearing this for the first time, if you don’t know the original check out the Stoat and Tim C64 Thrust Concert ! after the break and compare.

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The Last V8.

The greatest piece of videogame music ever written.

Heres an acoustic version

Written by the amazingly talented, Hull born, Rob Hubbard who is famous for most of the classic C64 – sidchip music from the 80’s. including the classic Thrust.