Woob 6006 – Out Now

The 6th Installment in the w00b 00 collection is now available.

Similar to previous entry ‘2002’ the album in part takes its cue from early ’em:t woob’ and also uses the live improvisational techniques first used in woob 1194.

Above 6006 Teaser.

Unsurprisingly I have been influenced by 1194 due to listening and arranging it for the recent vinyl campaign which is how we ended up here.

The album covers love, robot domination, and alien discovery and is out now…


Can you see the fossil alien head in the artwork? Prize for anyone who can guess how I made it.


  1. Just want to say how happy I am that you’re back and making more music than ever! I bought 1194 on CD at Record Reaction in Long Beach, CA back in the day – how is it that I remember where I bought certain records?? – and have been vacuuming up your recent releases like a man possessed. Love what you do – keep it up!

  2. DeKay says:

    maybe clay or is it just made with a program?

  3. Would be more than happy if i could ever help with some cover graphic. Best regards from poland 🤘

  4. DeKay says:

    then I would guess you photographed a chameleon?

  5. DeKay says:

    actually i had sent another reply which is now gone. was it deleted? I would have guessed that a chameleon was photographed.

  6. Lilithsheir says:

    I’m thinking Octopus?

  7. Not sure how you made the mage but it reminds me of PS’s lighting effects filter with some value of ‘texture’ in one of the channels (RGB).

    • season9 says:

      it’s a photograph put through a custom filter that i call the1979 alien monitor filter:)

  8. Armidge says:

    If we’re talking old-school, then it might just be Plaster of Paris poured into a simple mold like a dirt hole, then cleaned and alien-ified.

  9. I just wanted to say I’m really enjoying 6006. It’s right up there with 2002, for me. :)

  10. seashell ??? meteor ??? Godzilla !!!

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