Woob – Drift 1194 and Woob 1194 (21st Century Remaster)

254,194 Hours Later…

Drift 1194 is not a sequel, remix or remake but a dusty, faded, unreliable memory of forgotten times…

It began as a live performance for ‘Monochrome 1194’ but after the discovery of a misplaced DAT tape that contained samples from the original Square Centre Studio recordings, it evolved into an LP

As a companion piece to the original live studio recordings I consciously left out some key moments from the original as they will forever reside in those recordings. Additionally as there were (unfortunately) no samples for On Earth it had to be reimagined significantly.

Performing one take Improvisations over decades old improvisations is a strange, cerebral experience that strengthens the theory that all time is happening right now.

After spending so much time listening to the original studio recordings for the vinyl version (which stays true to the original DAT masters) it felt like the perfect time, with the album fresh in my mind, to work on a digital remaster. At this point it made sense to bring in another pair of ears and a different studio space. Working with the talented Scott Craggs, who has mastered many Woob albums, tirelessly delivered multiple options before I decided on a final combination.

This is the first official remaster* of the debut, self-titled woob album. The 1194 refers to the original em:t Catalogue number but over the years has become part of the album title. Originally a very quiet album this remaster provides a volume boost to fit in-line with contemporary film soundtracks along with a slight tonal enhancement/shift to tie the whole album together.

*Although it is called a remaster technically it’s the first official master as the original was just compiled in early Pro Tools with no additional compression or EQ

Monochrome 1194 includes 24bit masters of both Drift 1194 + Woob 1194 (21st Century Remasters)

  • An Exclusive Drift VOID live jam session, remasters of Void P1+2 and more.…

Colour artwork from Drift 1194 and Woob 1194 (Remasters) are also included

Monochrome 1194 ties both these albums together and is over 4gb in size and over 4 hours long.

Let me know your favoutite Drift 1194 moment in the comments.


  1. Drift 1194 is a masterpiece. Thank you!

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