Woob 1194 Now Available on Vinyl for 30 Days Only


A few days ago (on earth day!) a campaign was launched to finally bring Woob 1194 to vinyl after many, many years. Success was achieved early on (thanks everyone who pledged) so this will now be going ahead. However the window of availability is short. Unfortunately due to the way vinyl sales work on Bandcamp woob 1194 vinyl will not be available to be purchased beyond the 21th May 2022.

Last seen in (a kind of) physical form inside of Wil Wheatons box! This version uses the original recordings of the album in their full dynamic uncompressed form and also includes the original (slightly fuzzy – you voted for it!) artwork.

The center labels will be reminiscent (but not the same) of the original woob cassette series with a full colour environment for each of the four sides.

There is also an option to have your name on the back of the album under an ‘Executive Producer’ credit and at time of writing there are still a few spaces left.

After all this time it will be really great to hear the album on vinyl and huge thanks to everyone who has listened to and continues to listen to woob music over the years.

Let me know in the comments/twitter if you would like more classic woob on vinyl… perhaps a 4495/Repurpose hybrid remastered double LP?


  1. Hey Paul, great to see 1194 being released on vinyl. It would be fantastic to have Planet Woob and 4495 on vinyl too!

  2. ambient disaster movie would be nice. only repurpose yes (don’t need a hybrid).

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