Woob – 新 プログラム + スリープ 研究 プログラム Vinyl Campaign Begins Today.

The KIMURA-AOKI 研究所 Institute invites you to pledge for 新 プログラム [New Program] + スリープ 研究 プログラム [Sleep Research Program] On Vinyl

Both Albums in one Deluxe Gatefold Package + Colour Vinyl

The 5th (potential) Isometric vinyl release arrives as two album in one campaign.

The albums are limited to pre-orders only and will not be for sale after campaign is complete.

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Woob – AD4PTION Out Now + Ex-Rental Laserdisc Vinyl Campaign!

Adaption returns with Part 4 in the supernatural arcade horror series.

There’s a Time Limited Ex-rental Laserdisc Vinyl available to pledge/purchase for 45 days and then (un)dead.HERE Any remaining copies will be melted into 25¢ tokens usable only at the Midnight Arcade!

The record itself uses a unique ‘hand pour’ process that’s a significantly more expensive than regular vinyl due to the time consuming process of creating it and because of this there’s a limit of 300 (unique) copies.

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Off Land

Tim Dwyers aka Off Land whose track Heliopause featured in last years Woob radio mix has returned with two highly atmospheric ambient offerings.  Split over two releases and labels Eventide passage and its companion album Overlook are described as:

The emptiness and mystery that surrounds a vehicle when driving through the blacknesss

Clearly this needs a field test. Let me know how you get on. Full details below: [Read more…]

Return to the City – Woob Soundtrack Artwork on ‘Cover Culture’ Plus Film Stills on Flickr and a Hidden Review uncovered.

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Woob – ‘Return to the City’ goes to No.1 on the Bandcamp homepage Top Seller list – knocking Santa off the top spot!

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Hidden Orchestra

If you love the laid back sound of Cinematic Orchestra, Skalpel, Max & Harvey and even Red Snapper then you should immediately buy Night walks last years debut from the excellent Scottish band Hidden Orchestra. One of my faves from the album is above and you can download a free track from their bandcamp page to get you hooked.

Woob – Repurpose, 2nd Edition CD, Now Available.

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Woob -Repurpose track (the last 5 minutes)