Intervision MXV Now Available

HC 4

Intervision MXV is now available to pre-order.

Hard Copy No.4 in the Woob Collectors Series includes INTERVISION 1015 (Time Limited Edition) 24bit Masters + MXV 24 bit Masters.

It also contains ‘SCHEMATICS’ An exclusive cinematic Prologue for the forthcoming new album…

Available with or without digital Copy from Woob Bandcamp
An SE Edition with double sided signed artwork is available at Woob HQ

Also included an all new remaster of UNKNOWN QUANTITY …


  1. season9 says:

    Thanks to everyone who purchased so far your support helps fund more music!

  2. Lopster says:

    You’re welcome.

  3. mouldcheese says:

    Oh no, already sold out?! woob collectors are too fast…

  4. mouldcheese says:

    Received my hard copy today, many thanks!
    Trying to find Track 22 now by entering the ‘Mainframe’. Found the link through your clues, but no luck with finding the right password. I tried a bunch, and now this message shows up:

    Rate limit exceeded.
    Find out why you may have encountered this error, or let us know if the problem persists. Include your IP address and a short description of what you were doing when you encountered the rate limit.

    Guess I was over-motivated with my little hacking skills and broke the ‘Mainframe’. :(
    Please help…

  5. Lopster says:

    Worth the wait. Venus must have been particularly distant.

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