Woob – Tokyo Run – Advance Track Previews + Cover Art Revealed

TokyorunThe time is almost upon us for the first ever Woob vinyl LP release!  Tokyo Run is Currently penciled in for a launch post event this Sunday 22nd October and will be available on Digital/Vinyl/USB.

Until then take a look at the illustration used for the cover art by the incredibly talented Adrian Dadich. This piece along with the original ‘ Tokyo Run’ and ‘Mass Distraction’ stories by Adam Foley (among others) helped inspire the album’s cyberpunk sound.

To give you and Idea of what to expect you can listen to the ambient soundscapes of the track ‘0.04 内部’ << here >> exclusively through Season 9 until launch.

Also for those who prefer their Woob sound with a little more urgency the relentless Sanction 人造 is embedded below-

Comment on the soundcloud waveform above and my favourite comment will receive some signed Novak Surveillance artwork (not shown). Novak 監視 ™ is the fictional megacorp ruining the lives of both human and synthetics alike in the `Tokyo Run’ universe.

Final Launch event post date coming up later this week. If you like Limited Edition’s this is the one to be at:)

Below The Original Tokyo Run trailer + film also viewable in VR wraparound theatre




  1. Sounds good, not a vinyl collector anymore but will be purchasing the download when available :)
    I’m hoping nee praying the longer version of Origins is on here, but I’m thinking I might be slightly disappointed?

    Keep up the good work Paul, I did try and add a comment on SC but it wasn’t letting me…

  2. So looking forward to grab that vinyl order before it’s gone :)

  3. wanttttt

  4. Lopster says:

    I can just picture that soundcloud image on my parents wall in the 60s. In fact, I’m beginning to think it was.

  5. TokyoRunTokyo Tokyo Tok Yo Tok Yo Tokyo TokyoRun To ky To ky
    Ru Ru n yo Ru Ru n Ru n To ky oR un oRu n
    nT To ky nT o To ky To ky yo RunT To ky To K y
    ok oR un ky o or or un ok yo oR un o R u
    yo To Ky Ru n ru To ky Ru n To ky n T o
    Ru oR To ky n oR To ky yoRun K yo


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