LudoWic Jam 19

There’s so much stuff out there it so easy to get jaded but then once in a while something really stands out!


Imagine the Perfect Woob Album


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Code System


source unknown

Planet II


Happy Holidays


visual presents inside!

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Futureworld Poster

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Catch the World Premiere of The Creeping Garden at Fantasia Film Festival – features OST by Jim O’Rourke + Music from Woob

This delicious looking documentary film about Myxomycetes has a great sci-fi feel and premieres next weekend at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. [Read more…]


Brothers Quay meets The Clangers in this awesome short Directed by Eva Franz and Andy Goralczyk

Underwater Vinyl

Epic! via Evan Holm

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Woob – Lost 1194 – The Stealth Emperor


Having only just recovered from Friday’s intense (for me) launch I have finally got around to completing the images for one particular item missing at launch.  ‘The Stealth Emperor’ Is a Limited Edition (10-Only) all black variation tee with Inflight design perfect for getting Lost within a group of Emperor Penguins. There’s also a Snow Blizzard option available for a Limited Time – Reverse Yellow scarf recommended on this one for the full look! :) LINK [Read more…]