Woob – Lost 1194 – The Stealth Emperor


Having only just recovered from Friday’s intense (for me) launch I have finally got around to completing the images for one particular item missing at launch.  ‘The Stealth Emperor’ Is a Limited Edition (10-Only) all black variation tee with Inflight design perfect for getting Lost within a group of Emperor Penguins. There’s also a Snow Blizzard option available for a Limited Time – Reverse Yellow scarf recommended on this one for the full look! :) LINK


As these colour options were not available in store at launch as intended, for those who ordered an inflight Edition and want to swap a colour – I can make the adjustment for a limited time period – this option is only available to existing orders made before 17th December.


Also I have received a number of request’s for making the Fine Art Print available without a CD. I initially hadn’t factored in those who might want a Monochrome CD and Print  – so now you can pick and match. LINK

Speaking of Monochrome if you were after a blue – hint: don’t hang around !

lostprintThanks again to everyone who joined in the launch (those prize results are incoming) and everyone who has supported this new release through the different variations.


A few clue’s on what the Lost Vinyl could contain.!

There were also some rumblings about a one off  Lost Edition?!’ something to do with locating something/s not sure what that’s all about………



  1. The Stealth Emporor Black ( with Blizzard White… why not ) is my favorite T-Shirt edition.
    It would be perfect for me… size L of course ;)

  2. The T-shirt is very ver nice. I did buy with Blizzard Black! :)

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