Lost Metropolis Vinyl Campaign Begins Today


The second Woob vinyl LP release is potentially here…

Welcome back to the ‘Lost Metropolis’ Hotel. 120 floors – thirty above ground and ninety below the surface.

Our impressive refurbishment now offers rooftop views of the surrounding Megalopolis along with our new triple floor height Observatory.

Irrespective of what you may or may not of heard humans ARE welcome. We now even employ them as staff – see vacancies below

To celebrate our long history 1982-2082 our retro heavy weight solid black vinyl core with blue transparent AI Firewall is now available – choose your pledge, Staff / Management options are available.

Lost Metropolis came about as a way for me to deal with the recent great loss in my life and mentally prepare myself for the huge task that lay ahead (being a single parent). Getting lost in this imaginary retro future, gothic noir, art deco hotel that channelled parts of the ruined apartment complex from Blade Runner combined with the elegance of the Tyrell building has been great therapy. It was also a way for me to indulge in some musical references without feeling like I needed to avoid them.

I always had vinyl in mind when creating the album and hopefully it will become a reality. To help make this happen I have set the required campaign goal to only cover bandcamp / manufacturing costs and not cover my own costs or start making a profit until well past this point. I’ve also added what I think are some unique pledge options and test pressings are also available.

If we reach it – expect more vinyl…
If not – expect pop music only from now on:)

Doing it this way through bandcamp is great for you as shipping costs are reduced and great for me as I can spend the time creating more music rather than packing and shipping.

Lost Metropolis combines highlights and variations from the original Suite album + a bunch of new stuff but there’s more….


Lost Metropolis Monochrome also launches today and is available half price to anyone who pledges vinyl or previously bought Suite 59201 digital and if you purchased a keycard it’s free! (see previous post)
Code for half price is ‘innalives’

Monochrome 2 includes:

Lost Metropolis 24 bit Masters
Suite 59201 24bit Masters*
Bonus Tracks
Monochrome Art + Original Artwork
Virtual Vinyl Animation

The campaign begins today sometime this afternoon in UK (around 5pm)

These Links will go live then…




Until then theres a bunch of audio previews and videos on twitter @woobhq


  1. Witold Lochowski says:

    Late for the job
    Any chance I can still participate in this project

    Get Outlook for Android


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