Woob – AD4PTION : A History for the Curious

Ad4ption is out today and you can catch up on the existing written storyline here but I just wanted to touch briefly on the creation of this album as not since Have Landed has a Woob album had such a checkered history.

Back in early 2018 I started the album, it began with a folder (AD4) left over from ‘Tales of Arcadia’ that contained an unfinished track called ‘Bricks’. I got around three tracks in with a few just beginning when a sudden threat of having to move house combined with me wanting to do a vinyl release meant I had to shelve it temporarily. The move never materialised and then things took a traumatic turn, so it wasn’t until earlier this year that I got to continue where I had left off.

However the history doesn’t end there as back in 2009 I was obsessed with the idea of writing an early 80s film soundtrack album that sounded like it was ripped from an old VHS tape created using only synths from that era, but I didn’t have the equipment I needed. Fast forward to 2013 and I had managed to procure a few half-broken, vintage analogues and I started making the album. I recorded around eight incomplete tracks/performances and then ironically had to stop to move house. This album known as ‘VOTGP’* was teased in an art card which came with a special edition of Ultrascope.

Two of the tracks have now been finished and made it onto Ad4ption – but in fact one of those VOTGP tracks already made it onto Xvious_exe that track was ‘Home Video Entertainment’ and now with this album, the circle is complete…. Except that I had decided back in 2018 that as Jessica mutated so did the sound of the album and so that initial desire has evolved into…. let’s just say it’s an eclectic, schizophrenic collection.

*Another ‘VOTGP’ musical performance also made it onto Intervision 1015 and was adapted into the track below with the acronym even making it into the title!


  1. I’m currently listening to Monochrome 303 – it’s giving me a very Hans Zimmer Dune OST vibe – so good. On a slightly different topic, I have an OST album I think you should check out, cuz it’s really great: Kontroll by Neo. About ten years ago I took a chance and ordered the CD from some random East European website and a month or so later the disc showed up! You can preview it here: http://neoband.eu/album/kontroll Oh and keep up the great work – been a fan since 1994.

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