Woob 1194 Vinyl Release Cover Poll

If Woob 1194 were to be pressed on vinyl for the cover would you prefer 1. original artwork enlarged (bit soft and fuzzy) or 2. a new illustration incorporating penguins ice and jungle, more in-line with lost 1194 (see above)

Vote here – @woobhq (can’t get embed to work i’m afraid 2nd or 3rd tweet down.)


  1. Rob Portman says:

    I’d like the original artwork

  2. Mark Smith says:

    Yes, original artwork would be my vote

  3. Trystan Forbes says:

    Hi Paul,
    I think the original CD cover is an iconic cover. I associate the penguin cover with that music. However, I also really like the lost 1194 cover and it’s a fitting upgrade. I suggest a gatefold where the outer imagery is the same as the original photo on the front with track listing font the same as the cd on the back with the inner gatefold the upgraded lost image.

    • season9 says:

      hey Trys, I can’t use lost1994 cover was just an example but my issue with that idea is you get a bit of a style clash kinda like 4495 :)

      • Trystan Forbes says:

        Yes, I did wonder if it might clash as an idea. So my vote is with the original.

  4. season9 says:

    It’s only an advisory poll BTW ;)

  5. Harry Brown says:

    OG artwork would be awesome but I’d be beyond grateful to have this on vinyl, regardless of the cover art.

  6. Original, and here’s why.

    The penguins reminded me of these old blue note album sleeves, with penguins replacing bars, (because the music features penguin sounds).
    With 4 bars as opposed to the 7 and 9 bars on the old Jazz sleeves, also reinforcing the closer up nature of the sparse sound of 1194?
    The nod to the old jazz sleeves because of the musicality also reflected in the composer sample where they’re talking about the structure of music,

    Or did I just completely over think that for the last 26 years?


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