Woob – Repurpose release details.

UPDATE…..upload is taking forever… over 4 hours and only halfway there I’ll create a new post when its done.

……………….27.5.10 (after 4pm GMT 8am Pacific)

That’s Thursday. So not long to wait.

The Album plus digital booklet will be available on download at Woobsound/Bandcamp and later on iTunes.

As you can see there is also a CD version of the album. This is a hand printed recycled gatefold card case with professionally printed and duplicated CDr plus an 8 page colour booklet.

A very special individually numbered first edition will include a double-sided A3 poster and will be limited to just 25 copies.

Due to circumstances outside of my control all the bits necessary to produce the CD will not be ready until mid July (the images you see are the prototype) Rather than postpone the digital release I thought it best to release that now. For those who want the CD but don’t want to wait, every copy of the CD comes with a digital download – so if you buy the CD now on Thusrsday from Woobsound you can listen straight away whilst spending the time waiting for the CD trying to guess which number you will get.


  1. Steven says:

    So will the CD be available for purchase when the digital download is available? I assume so.

  2. season9 says:

    Yes that’s right

  3. freemiumtech says:

    I’m standing in line already…

  4. Mike Mullen says:

    So excited about this! So, will there be a limited version and a regular version of the CD or is it only limited? How can I get a hold of the limited release?

  5. Vincent says:

    Hello there !
    Great news indeed !
    Just a question : where can I purchase the CD ?
    I’ve tried to find it out on the website in vain…

    Regards from France.


  6. season9 says:

    Hi Vincent / Mike
    you get the CD from the same place – Woobsound/Bandcamp

  7. Vincent says:

    Thanks and sorry for my misunderstanding !

  8. season9 says:

    No worries it wasnt that clear I have altered the post now

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