Exclusive – New Woob Cyberpunk Album Reveal Trailer/s

Combining 2012’s sci-fi short Tokyo Run with 2015’s Mass Distraction cyberpunk EP narrative. The new Woob album to be (released later this year) is a dark and heavy insight into a dystopian future nobody wants.

The videos include edited clips of 3 tracks. An ambient ‘Prologue’ will be included on the forthcoming Intervision MXV


  1. Nice one ;)
    Vinyl too :)

  2. DARK LIGHT MUSIC – Intergalactic many thanks !

  3. Scab Boy says:


  4. Dogglesnoffer says:

    Me too but thank goodness…..record store day cleaned me out ; – }

  5. Dogglesnoffer says:

    Penguin Cafe!!! Really??!!!!

  6. season9 says:

    Video updated …spot the difference!

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