Woob – Free Track, The Great Divide (Cloud Edit)

Originally free for all Soundcloud followers the track is now available to all.

The full version features on the album Have Landed there’s also a nice warm, fuzzy mix on The 600. However could this post also be regarded as another clue?


  1. All the clues return us towards ” Have Landed ”
    The album was already compositions of Max & Harvey, revisited by Woob…

    That can he be at the moment, others remixes, new versions of Woob, proposals coming from friendly artists as Matt Jarvis, original versions?

    Wait and we shall see… I look forward to !

  2. season9 says:

    It ain’t remixes. :)

    • Have Landed – Part II ?

      • season9 says:

        vous pourriez être sur quelque chose là-bas mais je tape dans une autre langue et parler d’une bibliothèque de jeter les gens de l’odeur.

      • Woob, quelle surprise de vous lire dans mon parler natal !

        Votre musique est un élément clef de mon imaginaire.

        Je suis heureux d’avoir découvert un tel univers sonore.

        A chaque écoute, le plaisir reste entier, merci !

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