Woob 1113 Teaser



  1. Anthony says:

    what can it mean?

  2. Can’t wait!

  3. Interesting, reminiscent of the classic ALIEN film poster from 1979 minus the egg of course ;)

  4. Can’t wait…

  5. (drools…)

  6. stephen rodd says:

    exciting!…… will this be a physical release paul?


  8. Yes!! Here we go again…

  9. Stephen rodd says:

    Great!!! and i liked the gusto of that “oh yes” :)

  10. Wow… looking forward to the new release! Keep us posted on any updates!

    P.S For us loyal fans, any chance of uploading some free material from your em:t days? We’d much appreciate it!

  11. w8 a d 3 = weight (wade)?

  12. ah now I see, thx,

  13. I bet this is going to be huge. The wait is killing me.

  14. Hmm…

    What can it mean?



  1. […] This great poster by Gianmarco Magnani for Back to the Future – Part II not only looks great but It also doubles up as further clues to 1113 […]

  2. […] Wonderful building that looks like it has landed…….another clue? […]

  3. […] The full version features on the album Have Landed there’s also a nice warm, fuzzy mix on The 600. However could this post also be regarded as another clue? […]

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