Mainframe Access Denied

I have written a short piece over at the Urban Times about Tokyo Run. It gives further insight into the contents within the film and might help those of you struggling to gain mainframe access.

image source unknown

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  1. Finally sat down, put my mind to it and accessed the Mainframe. Totally worth it!

    • season9 says:


    • I really don’t get it. In what frames can the URL be found?

      • OK, I have the frame, and the second word of the hyphenated phrase is “CENSORED” That I know, but I will hopefully have word 1 nailed down soon. Almost there.

      • season9 says:

        Keep at it! The word I censored though is the password.

      • I’m unsure what you mean by that. Is that individual word the password, or is there another word? I’ve tried that certain word (tactfully not mentioning it here) and I have not been able to access the mainframe. Are there any specific instructions on the password with capitalization or hyphenation that I’m missing, or do I just not know the first word?

      • I have managed to get in! Finally!

        Thank you so much, Mr. Frankland! Highlight of my day right here. Keep up the good work!

      • season9 says:


  2. Trystan Forbes says:

    Access achieved :) Most happy!

  3. Wish you could see all those passwords I tried :D
    Still haven’t found the right one, although I’ve seen every single frame of the video a thousand times. A little hint…maybe?

  4. CJ Billson says:

    Eventually found the URL, having found what I think is the password first, but the URL is a spammy parked domain??? Help!

    • season9 says:

      The URL is split in two – you probably only have the second half – keep looking:)

      • CJ Billson says:

        Ah, much obliged… Reached the inner sanctum and after a bit more head-scratching, found the hidden treasure :) Wonderfully creative, immersive experience.

      • season9 says:

        Thanks and congrats!

  5. Been searching two days for the URL with no luck. Is it in the same frame that shows the password?

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