KanZeOn Film now on DVD includes CD of music featuring – Woob, Kidkanevil and More

Ex-woob4495 collaborator Tim Grabham (aka iloobia) and Neil Cantwell’s first feature length visual fest is upon us. Available to see for the first time outside of the festival circuit this seemingly endless journey – a documentary on sound and faith throughout southern Japan, comes as a beautifully packaged artifact that contains a duo of retro media in the form of DVD+CD. It’s available to buy right now.

KanZeOn is a film best summarized as part documentary and part sensory exploration of sound. It provides a rarely seen view of Japanese culture through encounters with a remarkable collection of religious musicians.

For full details on the contents of the DVD+CD visit the Kanzeon website

Looking for more modern media for the film – perhaps a digital download or Blu ray? You are outta luck for the film but don’t fret as the musical remixes from the CD are already available as a download preview/details below.

You can also find an interview with the filmmakers on this very site.


  1. KanZeOn is a sound and visual haiku, a musical exploration on the meeting of the nature and the myth, the movement and the immobility.

    A poetic movie, of a big simplicity and a profound spirituality.

    A beautiful moment in weightlessness.

    The movie and the music are magnificent.

    Indispensable for the lovers of the Japanese culture and a good opportunity for the others, to discover it aspects so traditional as atypical.

    Thank you !

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