Adventure Series Deconstructed

Photographer Dave Hill deconstructs his Adventure Series Photoshop work using After Effects with amazing results.


  1. watt1969 says:

    I like this show-box effect much more than all the flashy special fx that spoil most of the digital media of today. This is very good. This is 3D in its archaic and uncorrupted form…

    • but this isn’t 3d though..its just 2d in a 3d space.

      • watt1969 says:

        Well yes, I know that, that’s the ( hidden) point I wanted to make. By manoeuvring a virtual eye around multiple 2Dimensional layers arranged along a virtual z axis, the suggestion of a 3D space is miraculously created. That is how they tried to do it some 150 years ago. And I think this method is still enchanting….

  2. OK – fair enough… just checking:)

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