Woob CD’s on offer …sort of

Looking for a Woob CD? Missed out on the recent Return to the City Keycards …didn’t have the funds for the Mainframe Edition …don’t care for second-hand ebay prices? Well enter Ninja Tune to save the day.

The iconic label has been with us for over two decades now and has 2 classic 90’s Woob albums recorded under the Journeyman moniker available to buy for a limited time at a reduced price on Compact Disc. Both albums are available from the Ninja Tune Worldwide store and at £3 ($4.79) each they cost less than the downloadable version – which they also include! Looking at the prices of Mama 6 on ebay recently I imagine a shrewd person may even buy more than one…

What is Journeyman music?

If you like the long evolving Woob tracks you will probably enjoy these 2 albums. Just avoid tracks 2,3,6 and 8 on National Hijinx if you are allergic to heavy beats.

Mama 6 Listen/Buy

National Hijinx Listen/Buy

Above one of my favourite Journeyman tracks – the last one written for the Mama 6 Debut.

Above Journeyman on MTV this is the 12″version of 50cc


  1. watt1969 says:

    I think these are one of the best musical pieces of all. Classic, ingenious and inspiring. Gotta get ’em…

  2. kevaquarian says:

    That’s great. Moreover, what thousands of people are screaming out for is a proper, normal price CD re-release of 1194????? Why not?

  3. ….because CD’s are not that popular in 2012. Maybe in 2014!

  4. Michał Hanke says:

    Got it! :)

  5. maybe i’m old fashioned,but i still like cds…..then again keycards are better :)

  6. watt1969 says:

    Yes, to have something material in your hand and to show your friends or give them as a tangible gift. Some years ago we sat around the hifi system at somebody’s home and listened each other’s music and we got the albums and Cd’s in our hands to read and to look at.
    How do the young people of today do it? The immaterial omnipresence of mp3’s everywhere but in your own hands? Something definitely got lost…

  7. BenAlex says:

    Just thought I’d let you know that I think Ninjatune offer rubbish service. I bought the mp3 version of Mama 6, but both parts of the title tracks were incomplete – about half as short as they were supposed to and they started somewhere mid-track. I wrote to them by email weeks ago but never heard anything back. Today I bought the release instead on boomkat.com and I can now finally enjoy the album in it’s full length glory!

    • season9 says:

      That’s not good. Maybe a bug/glitch. Did you order the CD+download or just the download?

  8. I listen to Mama6 at least twice a day!

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