Woob – Paradigm Flux and Inter // States interviews.

Mat Jarvis has mini – interviews with Samuel Cockedey and myself about Inter // States and the Paradigm Flux EP over at Microscopics. There is also a competition. LINK

Also for those adverse to Paypal you can now get Paradigm flux on iTunes worldwide. LINK


  1. Mike Mullen says:

    Great interview. I really hope that the 45 minute version of origins is released either on it’s own or as part of the album. Your long, cinematic pieces are some of my favorites.

  2. Hello!

    Offtop for this post but…

    Thanks for your music! You’re best relax & strange launge ambient musician!

    Also thaks for Purpose album. Sorry if postal price to the country of “bears”, “vodka”, “Putin” & “matreshkas”(sometimes prejudices is cool and fuuny :-) ) was bigger that you think, because I’am from Russia )
    Also now you have minimumu 10 fans of your music in Russia, because my friends enjoying your music especially track “Neon repise”, this is unbelievable fantastic track!!!

    But when you planned released the new album or new EP or single tracks? When we hear new beautiful sound from you& :-)

    One more time thaks for you music & BEST WHISHES from Russia!

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