Woob – TEN TON LABORATORY : Vol. 1 – Scream Systems x50i.

First in the series – a sort of Woob behind the scenes !

More info and HD


  1. awesome dude coolest video i ever seen xD

  2. Love it! :) Is that a Moisturizer I spy?

  3. Amazing. If this is the start of a series, I’m all for it. Maybe the next one could be longer? :D

  4. season9 says:

    cheers all:) there are at least 2 more planned in the series

  5. Michał Hanke says:

    He, he, quite funny video with minimalistic sources but with fantastic final effect indeed :). I like the sounds wich are synchronised with vision, can’t wait for the next one. I would not mind if it would be a little longer too ;).

  6. Epic!


  1. […] This video offers an impressionistic behind-the-scenes look at the recording setup of Woob: […]

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