What You Listening To? II

Let me know in the comments…

Awesome track!






  1. inf1nium says:
  2. Scab boy says:

    Elliott Smith…oh, and Plan B ‘ill Manors’ OST…

    • season9 says:

      Plan B! get outta here:…actually no your ok I was thinking of professor green agh

      • Scab boy says:

        Oh blimey, nah, professor green died a long time ago…in the conservatory…with the candlestick…

  3. The KLF – Chill Out.

  4. Telemetrik – Cosmos … https://soundcloud.com/telemetrik/cosmos-1
    M¥rrĦ Ka Ba – Fuchikoma … https://myrrhkaba.bandcamp.com/track/fuchikoma

  5. Indiana Drones. Definitely worth a listen or two (I’m sure phonaut would agree) https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=499320157/

  6. btribbz says:

    T.Power just remastered Self Evident Truth and put it up on Bandcamp, been listening to that a lot… also FSOL “We Have Explosive (part 3)” because I like the sample – Okay bye, hello…

  7. two soundtracks for two Peter Strickland’s movies,
    Berberian Sound Studio, music composed by BROADCAST: https://youtu.be/SKOPh5ZEciQ
    and The Duke of Burgundy, music composed by CAT’S EYES : https://youtu.be/fblWmFh5sVI

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