Woob – ULTRASCOPE – Shipping Forecast



ALL PRE-ORDERS + ORDERS (UP UNTIL 18.11) NOW SHIPPED Thanks to everyone who ordered !

Shipping has begun on Ultrascope pre-orders with the Monochrome artifact. CD’s/T-shirts to follow. just waiting for one final piece of the puzzle on those. Signed + Sealed editions will stay available until Monday 4th – so last chance if you want one. I’ll update this post every time I ship.

Remember to look out for you collectable card film-frame and unique Time Paradox download code sent in every package details here

23.10.13 Monochrome Artifact SSE – Most sent  / all UK sent First Class recorded

28.10.13 All Artifact SSE Sent – Most Regular Sent / All UK Artifacts Sent (1st Class Recorded)

29.10.13 All Artifacts Sent

31.10.13 Most UK ‘Suns Fall’ CD & SE + Half Europe/ Rest of World. (single basket orders only)

4.11.13 Original + Sequel Bundles all most Suns Fall SE CD up to 26.10 (singe basket orders only)

5.11.13 Original + Sequel / Monochrome unsigned (Single basket orders only)

6.11.13 Loads of Monochrome unsigned (Single basket orders only) + Some mixed baskets with Suns Fall and MC unsigned +

7.11.13 Monochrome Unsigned + Loads of original and Sequel bundles + mixed baskets

11.11.13 Monochrome Signed/Unsigned / Original + Sequel some mixed baskets Suns Fall etc

12.11.13 Signed + Sealed / Mixed baskets / Monochrome Signed

13.11.13 A few Prototype Editions! / Mixed inc S+S / Monochrome

14.11.13 Ultra Edition /Goody bags! / More Prototypes / MIxed baskets / S+S

18.11.13 All Prototype / Monochromes and S+S Now shipped! (UK Prototypes sent 1st class recorded)

19.11.13 ALL PRE-ORDERS NOW SHIPPED!!! + All orders up until 18.11

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Woob – ULTRASCOPE : Time Paradox


Ahead of the imminent shipping forecast for physical editions of ULTRASCOPE I thought I better shed some light on the ‘Time Paradox’ Hidden DLC. It sounds like it may be a couple of extra bonus tracks but it is infact a fulll digital/bandcamp release: 52 minutes and 7 tracks long its an alternate timeline take on the main album. 7 of the 8 tracks are revisited with some subtle and not so subtle changes. So when you open your CD package / T-shirt /Artifact take note of that small inconspicuous piece of copy paper with your unique Time Paradox code on  it – don’t throw it away by mistake! [Read more…]

Woob Ultrascope – Launch Update, Comp results + Reveal Soundtrack Download

PROTOTYPE_NECKAbove: Prototype edition – the R is important in its description!

Last Friday the 13th a new Woob album ULTRASCOPE launched with a live event post. A massive thanks to everyone that got involved and although I managed to get the album out with just a minute to spare (literally) it did mean I missed out joining in on the comments as much as i would have liked. However I have now read through them all and picked three (from whilst the event was happening) of my faves to get the Woob Chrome Goody bag!

Will -“….Keith the Penguin”

Mward2011 –.”…post office”

Gerrit/Alice – “….Woob or Weekend” / “…I’m Stuck cause he’s stuck”

To receive your bag which contains various rare artcards, stickers  and a unique signed copy of Have Landed please contact me through woob.info with your posting details.

Over World – Like a giant sleeping pill

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Woob – ULTRASCOPE Launch Event Invite – September Release Date Confirmed


Woob – ULTRASCOPE (Woob1113), New Details Emerge


A billboard posted at the Bigamoebasounds website provides further insight into the forthcoming new Woob album – ‘ULTRASCOPE’. [Read more…]