Woob – ULTRASCOPE – Shipping Forecast



ALL PRE-ORDERS + ORDERS (UP UNTIL 18.11) NOW SHIPPED Thanks to everyone who ordered !

Shipping has begun on Ultrascope pre-orders with the Monochrome artifact. CD’s/T-shirts to follow. just waiting for one final piece of the puzzle on those. Signed + Sealed editions will stay available until Monday 4th – so last chance if you want one. I’ll update this post every time I ship.

Remember to look out for you collectable card film-frame and unique Time Paradox download code sent in every package details here

23.10.13 Monochrome Artifact SSE – Most sent  / all UK sent First Class recorded

28.10.13 All Artifact SSE Sent – Most Regular Sent / All UK Artifacts Sent (1st Class Recorded)

29.10.13 All Artifacts Sent

31.10.13 Most UK ‘Suns Fall’ CD & SE + Half Europe/ Rest of World. (single basket orders only)

4.11.13 Original + Sequel Bundles all most Suns Fall SE CD up to 26.10 (singe basket orders only)

5.11.13 Original + Sequel / Monochrome unsigned (Single basket orders only)

6.11.13 Loads of Monochrome unsigned (Single basket orders only) + Some mixed baskets with Suns Fall and MC unsigned +

7.11.13 Monochrome Unsigned + Loads of original and Sequel bundles + mixed baskets

11.11.13 Monochrome Signed/Unsigned / Original + Sequel some mixed baskets Suns Fall etc

12.11.13 Signed + Sealed / Mixed baskets / Monochrome Signed

13.11.13 A few Prototype Editions! / Mixed inc S+S / Monochrome

14.11.13 Ultra Edition /Goody bags! / More Prototypes / MIxed baskets / S+S

18.11.13 All Prototype / Monochromes and S+S Now shipped! (UK Prototypes sent 1st class recorded)

19.11.13 ALL PRE-ORDERS NOW SHIPPED!!! + All orders up until 18.11

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Woob – ULTRASCOPE – Out Today



Yes it’s today! – the date was actually on the invite!

I’m running a little behind schedule but it’s happening will post some reveal times a little later. Launch event post should begin proper around 6pm (UK time) bookmark this page and get those F5’s at the ready!


Event Updated in Reverse Chronological Order.  Time in GMT

5:55 Travelers are arriving in anticipation of the days event


6:00 Running a few minutes late

6:05 John Carpenter playing in the studio!


6:11 And we are off!

6:16 There are 9 Ultrascope Editions (including variations) coming later tonight for Pre – Order here’s a small taster:


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Woob – ULTRASCOPE Launch Event Invite – September Release Date Confirmed


Woob – ULTRASCOPE (Woob1113), New Details Emerge


A billboard posted at the Bigamoebasounds website provides further insight into the forthcoming new Woob album – ‘ULTRASCOPE’. [Read more…]

Woob 1113 Teaser


Woob 0013, 1113 + 2213 Teaser