Woob – ULTRASCOPE (Deluxe Version) Hard Copy Shipping Forecast

blue ultra hdc 2

The ULTRASCOPE (ULTRA Paradox) Hard Copy begins shipping next week, if you haven’t already ordered one there are still a few left of the Blue Skyline LINK

The Hard Copy also includes a second album- a remastered continuous mix of ‘Time Paradox’ with the rear of the Hard Copy depicting a version of the artwork in original Orange Dawn colour on the blue card and in Film Grain Monochrome on the red card. [Read more…]

Woob – ULTRASCOPE (Deluxe Version) Now available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon

Finally a version of Ultrascope available outside of Bandcamp. Available now worldwide on Spotify, Amazon and  iTunes. [Read more…]

Woob – ULTRASCOPE (Deluxe Version) Out Now

Journeyman is back!:) [Read more…]

Woob – ULTRASCOPE Deluxe Version and Hard Copy

CD COVER 4.2 copy

With ULTRASCOPE next in line for the Hard Copy treatment I thought it was about time I uploaded a version of the album to iTunes. However as it has been so long it made more sense to make a deluxe edition/version with some Time Paradox bonus tracks…. but then that just seemed so boring and I’ve been wanting to do a Pt.2 Horizon Vector/s / Paradox II for a while now so there will  be some new material along with a Journeyman Re-work of ‘Finishing Move’ that could turn out to be that trip-hop synthwave hybrid you never knew you wanted until you heard it! Only time will tell on that front but in the meantime check out the scan lined crimson sky Deluxe Edition artwork. [Read more…]

Woob – Finishing Move

Could this be the final woob track….?

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Woob – ULTRASCOPE : Time Paradox – gets full digital release includes Brand New Tracks

UPDATED (see end of post)

Previously only available via a download code in Ultrascope CD/T-shirt packages, Time Paradox is now available to all. The album is an alternate timeline take on the original, 7 of the 8 tracks are revisited with some subtle and not so subtle changes + there are now 3 additional new tracks with 2 of them brand new having not featured on the Ultrascope album in any form due to them being from the future. [Read more…]

Woob – Substrate Aluminium

woob SA

Above: Those grooves actually play Paradox III – that’s no mock up! The extra hole is a drive hole in the label area, used for engaging a special pin that prevents the disc from slipping on the turntable during the recording process.


Having achieved a great tone earlier this year with a one off Vinyl cut and the saturated sounds of The Six Hundred I still felt there was more avenues to explore and after receiving various emails from frustrated listeners who missed out on that ‘Ultra Edition’ Vinyl a new series was born.

Substrate Aluminum (named after the core or substrate that is the foundation of the record) is the vinyl partner to ‘The 600’ but whilst those warm saturated sounds could be compared to the feeling of an old comfy sofa after a hard days work, Substrate Aluminum is like sound dipped in a vat of the most expensive, melted Swiss chocolate. It has a richness and warmth that is the perfect antidote to a world filled with speakers spewing out stinging insect like overcompressed treble and nothing else – a small victory in the battle against the Loudness War.

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Woob – ULTRASCOPE – Shipping Forecast



ALL PRE-ORDERS + ORDERS (UP UNTIL 18.11) NOW SHIPPED Thanks to everyone who ordered !

Shipping has begun on Ultrascope pre-orders with the Monochrome artifact. CD’s/T-shirts to follow. just waiting for one final piece of the puzzle on those. Signed + Sealed editions will stay available until Monday 4th – so last chance if you want one. I’ll update this post every time I ship.

Remember to look out for you collectable card film-frame and unique Time Paradox download code sent in every package details here

23.10.13 Monochrome Artifact SSE – Most sent  / all UK sent First Class recorded

28.10.13 All Artifact SSE Sent – Most Regular Sent / All UK Artifacts Sent (1st Class Recorded)

29.10.13 All Artifacts Sent

31.10.13 Most UK ‘Suns Fall’ CD & SE + Half Europe/ Rest of World. (single basket orders only)

4.11.13 Original + Sequel Bundles all most Suns Fall SE CD up to 26.10 (singe basket orders only)

5.11.13 Original + Sequel / Monochrome unsigned (Single basket orders only)

6.11.13 Loads of Monochrome unsigned (Single basket orders only) + Some mixed baskets with Suns Fall and MC unsigned +

7.11.13 Monochrome Unsigned + Loads of original and Sequel bundles + mixed baskets

11.11.13 Monochrome Signed/Unsigned / Original + Sequel some mixed baskets Suns Fall etc

12.11.13 Signed + Sealed / Mixed baskets / Monochrome Signed

13.11.13 A few Prototype Editions! / Mixed inc S+S / Monochrome

14.11.13 Ultra Edition /Goody bags! / More Prototypes / MIxed baskets / S+S

18.11.13 All Prototype / Monochromes and S+S Now shipped! (UK Prototypes sent 1st class recorded)

19.11.13 ALL PRE-ORDERS NOW SHIPPED!!! + All orders up until 18.11

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Woob – ULTRASCOPE : Time Paradox


Ahead of the imminent shipping forecast for physical editions of ULTRASCOPE I thought I better shed some light on the ‘Time Paradox’ Hidden DLC. It sounds like it may be a couple of extra bonus tracks but it is infact a fulll digital/bandcamp release: 52 minutes and 7 tracks long its an alternate timeline take on the main album. 7 of the 8 tracks are revisited with some subtle and not so subtle changes. So when you open your CD package / T-shirt /Artifact take note of that small inconspicuous piece of copy paper with your unique Time Paradox code on  it – don’t throw it away by mistake! [Read more…]

Woob Ultrascope – Launch Update, Comp results + Reveal Soundtrack Download

PROTOTYPE_NECKAbove: Prototype edition – the R is important in its description!

Last Friday the 13th a new Woob album ULTRASCOPE launched with a live event post. A massive thanks to everyone that got involved and although I managed to get the album out with just a minute to spare (literally) it did mean I missed out joining in on the comments as much as i would have liked. However I have now read through them all and picked three (from whilst the event was happening) of my faves to get the Woob Chrome Goody bag!

Will -“….Keith the Penguin”

Mward2011 –.”…post office”

Gerrit/Alice – “….Woob or Weekend” / “…I’m Stuck cause he’s stuck”

To receive your bag which contains various rare artcards, stickers  and a unique signed copy of Have Landed please contact me through woob.info with your posting details.

Over World – Like a giant sleeping pill

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