DeLorean Round-up.

Moving sideways on from Woob Paradigm Flux to one of the capacitor variety. Image: via

There seems to have been a load of story’s recently about DeLorean’s, (including the Back to the Future kind).  So for those with a healthy fascination for a car whose short lived manufacturing history only strengthened its status as the ultimate time machine, check the links below…

Most Realistic Back to the Future Car Hits Ebay via: Jalopnik

This Coffee Shop Has A Back To The Future DeLorean Parked Inside via: Gizmodo

The Mac Mini-based DeLorean drivable drive-in via: Engadget

Build your own DeLorean via: Season 9

…and here’s some YouTube Links:

Bond vs DeLorean – vs Volkswagan

Live the Dream – Original DeLorean Commercial

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