Catch the World Premiere of The Creeping Garden at Fantasia Film Festival – features OST by Jim O’Rourke + Music from Woob

This delicious looking documentary film about Myxomycetes has a great sci-fi feel and premieres next weekend at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. [Read more…]

KanZeOn Film now on DVD includes CD of music featuring – Woob, Kidkanevil and More

Ex-woob4495 collaborator Tim Grabham (aka iloobia) and Neil Cantwell’s first feature length visual fest is upon us. Available to see for the first time outside of the festival circuit this seemingly endless journey – a documentary on sound and faith throughout southern Japan, comes as a beautifully packaged artifact that contains a duo of retro media in the form of DVD+CD. It’s available to buy right now.

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KanZeOn the Movie – Interview with Creators

Tim Grabham (Iloobia) and Neil Cantwell (Dissolving Path) have been working hard over the past few years creating a full length documentary or rather an exploration in Sound – throughout parts of Southern Japan. With a Hip hop Priest and a plethora of spiritual encounters the film has been well received at the various screenings it has already had around the world. With an album recently released  along side, I spoke to Tim and Neil about the background of the film and the idea behind the album Kanzeon Reindications.

S9: Tell me about the film and how it came about

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Death of….

Tim Grabham AKA iloobia and also an ex-Woob collaborator (Woob 4495) has recently finished work, along with myself, on the Max and Harvey animated feature film – SILK and separately a full length documentary (more of which to come). Now, with an obsessive desire to continually create without pause he has embarked alone on a series of Death of.. shorts. The Death of Biro is above but be warned the unpleasant Death of Phonebook below should not be watched by those opposed to a bit of gore… it gets bloody in there somewhere around the K’s…

Fear not, for medication will be administered to Mr. Grabham after the series is complete.