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The Leviathan

Finally the asteroid monster from The Empire Strikes Back gets his own movie!


Star Wars Manga Stylee

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Ponda Baba’s Bad Day

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Lightsaber On! – Galactic Dance-off

Yes that cringe-worthy, Xbox kinect Star Wars game first shown at last year’s E3 is back! You thought the previously announced delays were so that extra time could be spent improving the game but no it appears to have been spent  adding a  Galactic Dance-off  game… no seriously…  complete with “Star Wars themed Pop Tunes” whatever that means!

(Above obvious early French inspiration for this added feature.)

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Straight from Tatooine

Taste the Bounty with this Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bar! [ThinkGeek] via

Happy Life Day.

If you have never seen the Star Wars Christmas Special – don’t bother it’s awful, though it is bizarre and well worth a skim through. Especially Part 4 – around 6 minutes in where Chewbacca’s dad – Itchy is given a ‘Happy Life day’ present. It is explained to him simply as “Wow” but is probably best described as a sexy virtual woman!

Anyway whatever you do just don’t listen to the Happy Life Day song.

Present after the break…

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