Woob – Repurpose CD Shipping Forecast.

The 1st Edition posters have arrived!

As you can see they look great. The poster is A3 double-sided with the cover on one side (shown) and a variation on the second page of the digi-booklet on the other. Though these are primarily for the lucky few who secured a copy of the 1st Edition everyone who ordered a CD will now receive a bonus A6 album art-card.

Only one more piece of the puzzle now remains and the 1st edition can start shipping end of next week albeit a week or so later than I had hoped – thanks for your patience to all those who ordered.

2nd edition is still on schedule for end of month, though they will ship in daily batches in date of order and it’s at this point I will probably regret not pricing up postage to Russia, Australia and Japan!

The Simonsound.

Woob – Repurpose.

A new Woob compilation – Repurpose, will be available towards the end of May on download and a very limited run CD. The spiritual successor to Woob 1194 this album takes a couple of tracks from Woob 4495 and various Em:t compilations that Woob appeared on. throws in a couple of new lengthy excursions and blends it all together into a new listening experience.

Originally announced in the March Woob update for release around now, the album has since ditched a couple of tracks in favour of more new material.

Check back here for the Trailer on May 1st.

Image Credit :Vincent Castello

Beats Antique.

The..AM -Transit. (with insight from creator Martin Jung)

I really love the comedic timing on this 8-bit masterpiece by Martin Jung for the artist The..AM. (Be sure you watch the film before you carry on reading… ) Martin tells me he was inspired by early 90’s LucasArts and while the influence of Zak McKracken etc. is clear, it took me back even further to 1985 and Activision’s – Little Computer People, a game that would have been infinitely more fun had it been invaded by 3 monkeys and a small bear!

I caught up with Martin and asked him a bit about the process behind the piece.

Martin: First of all I drew the characters and the whole setup using open source program Pixen. Then I arranged the different layers with Photoshop and finally exported approx. 700 images. Following the stop motion idea these images were imported to Final Cut Pro and were arranged in a sequence. It took about 48 working hours.

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Osmos Soundtrack – for free

Osmos, the game you always wanted on your iPhone and soon will have, now has a 40 minute mix of its sublime, ambient soundtrack available for free via: Create Digital Music

It Includes tracks from Julien Neto, Loscil and Gas 0095/High Skies aka Mat Jarvis, which is timely as we have an interview with Mat lined up for later this week, where he will be talking about the process behind the making of his new EP: Sounds of Earth


261 seconds

The Last V8.

The greatest piece of videogame music ever written.

Heres an acoustic version

Written by the amazingly talented, Hull born, Rob Hubbard who is famous for most of the classic C64 – sidchip music from the 80’s. including the classic Thrust.

159 seconds with Waveform

Soundcloud is now compatible with WordPress heres ‘159 seconds’ again as a test.