Spaced – An ambient mix of recordings from 1972-2011

Above ‘The Terminal’ by Sebastien Hue via

MIke G has created a sublime DJ MIx drawing on nearly four decades of downtempo tunes. The mix entitled Spaced Volume 1 can be streamed or downloaded over at Mixcrate and includes music from Tangerine Dream, Bruno Sanfilippo, Boy Is Fiction, Humate, Michael Stearns, Jonn Serrie, Odessi, Mystical Sun and yes there is even a Woob track in there somewhere.

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Woob 0611 – Solenomix


Here’s a direct link to the mix LINK

On June 9th A Woob Solenomix will be broadcast on Solenoide Radio via Aligre FM (Paris/Ile de France) and also embedded on the Solenopole website. Once you start to listen, the picture above along with the previous 3D teaser will eventually begin to make sense.

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