1923 (aka Heaven), hypnotic animation based on Lesage’s painting ‘A symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World‘ from 1923 directed by Max Hattler.

1925 (aka Hell) after the break.

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The..AM -Transit. (with insight from creator Martin Jung)

I really love the comedic timing on this 8-bit masterpiece by Martin Jung for the artist The..AM. (Be sure you watch the film before you carry on reading… ) Martin tells me he was inspired by early 90’s LucasArts and while the influence of Zak McKracken etc. is clear, it took me back even further to 1985 and Activision’s – Little Computer People, a game that would have been infinitely more fun had it been invaded by 3 monkeys and a small bear!

I caught up with Martin and asked him a bit about the process behind the piece.

Martin: First of all I drew the characters and the whole setup using open source program Pixen. Then I arranged the different layers with Photoshop and finally exported approx. 700 images. Following the stop motion idea these images were imported to Final Cut Pro and were arranged in a sequence. It took about 48 working hours.

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