Woob – Ambient Disaster Movie 24-bit Hard Copy new details emerge – now includes additional 14 minute QD mix


Available to pre-order back in the summer the debut of Woob’s new 24-bit HDC format is finally here – Contents include  24-bit Masters of the album tracks x2 in their original edited form and album edit form – The 400 Reel Mix of ‘Swarm’ (like The 600 but less dirty) – A 19 minute Extreme Ambient Disaster Mix of What We Came Here For. . Plus now as a special bonus, to help make up for the delay in production,  a ‘Patience’ folder containing a 14.5 minute ultra-ambient mix of Swarm – the ‘QD’ mix. [Read more…]

Woob – The CD is Dead…. 24-bit Hard Copy has Arrived.


OK so maybe not dead but it’s at least in stasis, fear not however as a new audio format has evolved – 24-bit Hard Copy.

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