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Ambient Sausage Roll

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Last year Ambient sausage rolls mysteriously turned up in a chain of UK supermarkets and then quickly vanished. The photo below implies it had something to do with French Cuisine so perhaps there’s a chance we will one day get to see a Reggae Croissant.

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Ghetto blaster

Back in 1985 the Sharp Mr-990 (Gr-990) had to be the ultimate Ghetto blaster with its unique pull out music composer. One recently went on eBay for just £32! and with that aux in even today it would still be a great alternative for checking mixes from another perspective. For years my own set-up consisted of a just a 1.4 second sampler and 4-track fed into a Boombox though sadly that particular aux in has long since passed away.

Lightsaber On! – The worst of E3 2011

Nice shot Jeremy!


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Greatest TV Themes – Part 2

More Iconic themes including the epic….. Monkey!!!

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Music Vest

Elektrokosmos – Kosmonaut

Possibly the best looking synth ever made. This new, handmade, Swiss, analog synth by Electrokosmos looks on first glance to be missing its sides but they are actually transparent. It’s certainly missing any front panel labels. Actually this could be great, imagine every time you turned on the synth the dials controlled something different! Unfortunately however on further inspection this doesn’t appear to be the case. Still it sounds pretty good from the audio demos. Full review when my demo unit arrives (unlikely)

Near Silence – Artists Support for Japan

Microscopics have gathered together a group of artists including myself to create a free compilation album of chilled electronica for anyone who donates to the Red Cross Japan appeal. Heres some more about the ‘Near Silence’ album from the Microscopics blog –

A supercooled album fractured with exclusives, classics and the new.
Richard Barbieri has exclusively re-recorded his classic Japan track ‘The Experience of Swimming’; Charles Webster has donated an exclusive mix from his brand new January Tuesday project, which was only recorded last week; and Eno colloborator Roedelius, one of the electronic pioneers alongside Kraftwerk, has donated his classic ‘Wenn der Südwind Weht’; plus an unreleased High Skies track and new material from Woob and Anne Garner.”

More details and links below, share them and help spread the word.



Although 2010 didn’t suddenly become the Future that Never Happened, it did however do a lot better than 1999 and 2001. In-fact the picture above of the International Space Station’s new observatory module (Cupola) goes a long way to help full-fill some of those old prophecy’s.

Other 2010 notable – science fiction realised highlights include: Moonbase Antarctica (see below), Scientists discovering  new life on earth? the first working flying saucer, Microsoft’s Kinect making Minority Report CPU control a commercial reality – Nintendo style:(  Apple’s perfect sci-fi future gadget the iPad and this roof-top lawn in New York (below.)

Here’s hoping by 2015 my studio will look more like this guys office at around 2:45 – or even the place below.

I’ll let Space play us out….

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Happy Life Day.

If you have never seen the Star Wars Christmas Special – don’t bother it’s awful, though it is bizarre and well worth a skim through. Especially Part 4 – around 6 minutes in where Chewbacca’s dad – Itchy is given a ‘Happy Life day’ present. It is explained to him simply as “Wow” but is probably best described as a sexy virtual woman!

Anyway whatever you do just don’t listen to the Happy Life Day song.

Present after the break…

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