The Division

Very slickly done story trailer for forthcoming videogame The Division from last months E3.

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Ponda Baba’s Bad Day

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Portal – Terminal Velocity

E3 2012 – Watch Dogs, Hope for the Jaded Gamer? + Show Round-Up

Travel back in time to 1985 and tell any gamer that in the far distant future of 2012 that Nintendo’s epic new home console’s gaming highlight will be a 2D, side scrolling platformer with a cartoon plumber in a red and blue outfit and they would think you were crazy and certainly not in possession of a time-traveling DeLorean. Unfortunetly this is exactly what Ninten-doh highlighted their next generation console with, alongside a new version of Pacman and the most nausea inducing game video I have ever seen. [Read more…]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights – Exposed

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Lightsaber On! – Galactic Dance-off

Yes that cringe-worthy, Xbox kinect Star Wars game first shown at last year’s E3 is back! You thought the previously announced delays were so that extra time could be spent improving the game but no it appears to have been spent  adding a  Galactic Dance-off  game… no seriously…  complete with “Star Wars themed Pop Tunes” whatever that means!

(Above obvious early French inspiration for this added feature.)

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Lightsaber On! – The worst of E3 2011

Nice shot Jeremy!


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