Planet of the Vampires

A 1965 Italian/Spanish science fiction horror film directed by Mario Bava that was a big influence on Alien and inspired those Prometheus space suits! – Posted to remind me to watch the whole film.


Epic !

Woob – Have Landed Technicolor CD now available So-lus


Having sold out again the Technicolor CD is now back and available on its own for the first time. This is the last of the stock of the re-press and it will not get another one as I am phasing out CD’s.


This could soon be the last available CD to buy from the Woob Bandcamp store, as stock is getting low on Lost 1194 and Ultrascope. Oh and as for that green monochrome I’ll get on to to it eventually!


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This is a weird one as this pilot for sci-fi sitcom had not been seen for 35 years until uploaded recently by one of the effects technicians who worked on the show. It originally only aired once on CBS in June 1979 it’s kinda wacky and a little surreal – probably best it didn’t go any further! but great to see this stuff resurface. Full story Via

Woob – Reboot is Five

Above – where it began

The Woob reboot is 5 this year – never have so many months flown by quite so quickly. Back in 2010 when Unknown Quantity was released (on New Years Day!) I wondered  where it all might lead, back then I could never have predicted the sheer quantity of output both musical and physical. At risk of sounding a bit corny – focusing on Woob may have been a financial challenge (massive understatement) but it’s been rewarding in so many other ways.

So massive thanks to those who came along for the ride and have helped support the music over the years … hopefully there’s a couple more to come.

Let me know your favourite new Woob track in the comments.

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Woob – What We Came Here For


From Ambient Disaster Movie

Planet II


Woob – Tokyo Run – Hidden Mainframe Accessed


With the recent move into VR (more below) I thought I’d do a check on how many have hacked into the mainframe. Incredibly 11 people have now managed to bypass the Level 4 keycard and accessed the system simply by viewing Tokyo Run. Now this may not seem like a significant number but it’s not an easy task – major patience and commitment is required! Personally I was expecting 1 or 2 at most. So congratulations to the few who have gained access and for the rest yet to try here’s the blurb from the original post.

As you can see the film features an access card not unlike the Return to the City Keycard. In the real world a Series 9, Level 4 Keycard gave you access to the ‘Mainframe’ – a beta version of the forthcoming Woob track. The film teases ‘Mainframe Access lies within’ so connect the dots add a little patience some simple guesswork/deciphering and see where it gets you!


Recently however another way to decipher the content has arisen. Tokyo Run now resides inside it’s own virtual arcade cabinet on a giant wraparound screen within the VR Technolust Beta (seen below). You probably need a healthy dose of midi-chlorians in your system to decipher it in this way but the visual assault is significantly more potent. More details in this post

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Happy Holidays


visual presents inside!

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Futureworld Poster

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