Mainframe Access Denied

I have written a short piece over at the Urban Times about Tokyo Run. It gives further insight into the contents within the film and might help those of you struggling to gain mainframe access. [Read more…]

Ponda Baba’s Bad Day

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Woob 1111 – Return to the City – Advance Preview and Soundtrack

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The Future III

Who’s Netwton? and where the did all the actors go?

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Futureworld the not that great follow up to the classic Westworld.

Image via the excellent: Space 1970

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Transformers Ukrainian Style.



Swarm Robotics.

These menacing looking futuristic robots (SIGA) Look like they are related to Maximilian from The Black Hole. Their creators say this is the first time Swarm robotics has been put to use in a commercial environment, which sounds ominous. Popular Science calls them ‘cute’ and it’s not until you actually see them in action that the menace ebbs away… it seems they are not human height, lazer enabled, malfunctioning security bots after all… Phew.  via: POPSCI

The Black Hole.

Disney’s answer to Star Wars, I’m surprised this film doesn’t get more attention. Its got one of the coolest spaceships ever created, a Disney R2D2 that hovers, a seriously homicidal robot called Maximilian and Ernest Borgnine – what more could you want? I saw this in the eighties on TV as a kid, infact it was only today I discovered it’s from 1979. Sure its a little bit rubbish in places, pacing is off and story is limiting but it must have had some sort of lasting effect on me… (see tomorrow’s post) Oh and it just so happens to have one of the best movie soundtracks of all time… LISTEN (Thankyou Mr. Barry)