Five Season 9 Posts without #oob in the Title

1. Light Stage 5

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Swarm Robotics.

These menacing looking futuristic robots (SIGA) Look like they are related to Maximilian from The Black Hole. Their creators say this is the first time Swarm robotics has been put to use in a commercial environment, which sounds ominous. Popular Science calls them ‘cute’ and it’s not until you actually see them in action that the menace ebbs away… it seems they are not human height, lazer enabled, malfunctioning security bots after all… Phew.  via: POPSCI

Sony ChordMachine

This was up for auction last year on ebay, I also noticed matrixsynth reported on the listing but I can’t find any more info anywhere. I came across it looking for old keyboards a while back, the listing has since been removed.

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