Max and Harvey – If I Don’t Make it Home (now in US, Canada)

As of today the new Max & Harvey track is in now availabe in the US and Canada (iTunes). More Info

Amoeba EP incoming this week at the Emporium.

Max and Harvey – If I Don’t Make it Home.

Finally, a brand new full-length Max & Harvey track is now available*

The off-world, ‘If I Don’t Make it Home’ not only marks the return of Max & Harvey but also the angelic voice of Siobhan Lynch who previously appeared (in reverse) on the last release Thieves. The track is part of the Ninja Tune XX anniversary celebrations (via:XX Vol.2) and is exclusive to iTunes…

…at least until the début album hits sometime in the future! LINK

You can find the whole compilation HERE

Click play to hear a short preview of the track

More information and music can be found at Max and Harvey’s Music Emporium.

*Unfortunately if you live in Canada or the US you will have to wait until the 5th of October. LINK

Image Credit: Concept-Sarah Air. Design-Antenna. Original photograph-source unknown.

One Hundred.

Sunset City by Eric Gagnon via

This is the 100th post on Season 9, it seems my sporadic posting meant it took a while to get here. There is however plenty of new Woob, Antenna and Max & Harvey content to come over the following months and it’s not all just about my own projects, there are more interviews ahead and a plethora of other things, starting with this amazing concept artwork by Eric Gagnon Make sure you click-through to the excellent Coolvibe where you will find an extremely high res version. LINK

Max and Harvey’s – Music Emporium.

The long-awaited Max and Harvey début album, (aka Woob³) is still one track away from completion but don’t despair as there are a number of things coming to tide you over until its eventual arrival.

It seems you can’t actually get the Max & Harvey – Sleep single outside of Europe on download (iTunes). So for the first time ever…you can – through Max & Harvey’s all new Music Emporium.

Better still, not only are the tracks available in lossless format but you also get the Sleep Film in Quicktime format, hi-res jpeg’s of the original 10″ Vinyl Artwork + the film soundtrack as a separate audio download.

you can find Max & Harvey’s Music Emporium HERE

and look out for a Free Max & Harvey EP and other stuff coming soon.

Max and Harvey – Thieves / Iloobia Interview.

This is a short film for the Max & Harvey track Thieves. The concept behind the music was one of diamond theft in a cat burglary fashion hence the title. its seems however Iloobia did not receive this memo and independently conceived and directed a film with Thieves as its soundtrack. The result is a beautifully crafted, visually arresting piece with a somewhat macabre slant. Iloobia, a long time friend and collaborator has featured on Season 9 before with his experimenting Clawboy. I spoke to him recently and asked him to explain the thinking and process behind the film, we also talk film-making and the future of Clawboy is revealed!

S9: You describe the Thieves film as ‘a re-imagining of the Frankenstein story’ could you elaborate on this.

Iloobia: ‘Thieves’ is constructed from fragments of material slowly collected over a year from England, Holland and Hungary. There were no parameters imposed on what that material should be, primarily as I was working in quite a demanding commercial TV realm at the time where the parameters and briefs were extremely strict. So Thieves was to be the antithesis of that way of working.Weirdly, the edit of Thieves began after a fairly major burnout in that part of my commercial career leaving me pretty much abandoning the medium of film and video altogether. But as a process of self imposed therapy I began to assemble this random material to see if there was any form or sense to be forged out of it instead of throwing the edit suite out of the window. This began to evoke some kind of Dr. Frankenstein process, especially as I began to see themes of death and rebirth suggested within the material, which was strangely coincidental as I was trying to restore my interest in the medium again after it being killed off.
So these themes infused into the film, which I came to see as a kind of Dr. Frankenstein story without the Frankenstein character ever on screen.

S9: Explain the technical creation process behind the film.

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Max and Harvey – Sleep

More at the official Max and Harvey Site