Great illustration from the late Tim Hildebrandt via the excellent Sci-Fi-O-Rama

Tron 1930’s style.




Although 2010 didn’t suddenly become the Future that Never Happened, it did however do a lot better than 1999 and 2001. In-fact the picture above of the International Space Station’s new observatory module (Cupola) goes a long way to help full-fill some of those old prophecy’s.

Other 2010 notable – science fiction realised highlights include: Moonbase Antarctica (see below), Scientists discovering  new life on earth? the first working flying saucer, Microsoft’s Kinect making Minority Report CPU control a commercial reality – Nintendo style:(  Apple’s perfect sci-fi future gadget the iPad and this roof-top lawn in New York (below.)

Here’s hoping by 2015 my studio will look more like this guys office at around 2:45 – or even the place below.

I’ll let Space play us out….

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Happy Life Day.

If you have never seen the Star Wars Christmas Special – don’t bother it’s awful, though it is bizarre and well worth a skim through. Especially Part 4 – around 6 minutes in where Chewbacca’s dad – Itchy is given a ‘Happy Life day’ present. It is explained to him simply as “Wow” but is probably best described as a sexy virtual woman!

Anyway whatever you do just don’t listen to the Happy Life Day song.

Present after the break…

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Max and Harvey – Silk.

‘Silk’ Poster – North America, 1983

Silk’ European promo poster, 1969.

The Max & Harvey animated full-length (7.5min) feature film is nearly finished. Look out for a trailer at some point in the new year!


Trailer Now HERE

Christmas Shopping 1970’s Style.

The closest thing to Amazon in 70’s Britain….an Argos catalogue! (want those Decks that beard)

All images and the rest of the catalogue via.

Check out videogaming in the 80’s from a page in the 1985 catalogue after the break.

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Model of the Moon circa 1908.

Sitooterie II.

5000 Aluminum tubes and one light source and its in Essex! More from its creators – Heatherwick Studio

5時25分の寒気 (Chill at 5:25)

This amazing painting is one of a series by Japanese Artist – Shuichi Nakano. If you are anywhere near Akita City you can see it in person at the ‘Searching for Paradise ‘ exhibition (details below) otherwise check out the rest via: Pink Tentacle

date: 6 October ~11 October, 2010
place:cocolaboratry/gallery 3-1-12 Omachi,Akita-city, Akita Pref. 010-092 Japan

Max and Harvey – If I Don’t Make it Home.

Finally, a brand new full-length Max & Harvey track is now available*

The off-world, ‘If I Don’t Make it Home’ not only marks the return of Max & Harvey but also the angelic voice of Siobhan Lynch who previously appeared (in reverse) on the last release Thieves. The track is part of the Ninja Tune XX anniversary celebrations (via:XX Vol.2) and is exclusive to iTunes…

…at least until the début album hits sometime in the future! LINK

You can find the whole compilation HERE

Click play to hear a short preview of the track

More information and music can be found at Max and Harvey’s Music Emporium.

*Unfortunately if you live in Canada or the US you will have to wait until the 5th of October. LINK

Image Credit: Concept-Sarah Air. Design-Antenna. Original photograph-source unknown.