Futureworld the not that great follow up to the classic Westworld.

Image via the excellent: Space 1970

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Woob 0611 – 3D Teaser

Click on the image to enlarge and wear a pair of Red and Blue/Cyan 3D Glasses for the best effect.


Woob 0611 details Here

Coney Island

The 5-storey elephant brothel never really caught on…

See more @ DRB

Light and Levitation

Amazing photography by Sofia Ajram via DRB’s extreme sleeping series

Full Service History

image source unknown


image source unknown

8-bit Colour Cycling.

Amazingly atmospheric, true 8-bit colour cycling with HTML5. From Loom artist Mark Ferrari. A still image doesn’t do them justice, watch them in motion HERE

Paris 1963.

Image via: Designer Daily

This image is part of a collection from 1963 by Melvin Sokolsky. The bubble’s were suspended by wire which was erased afterwards.

Transformers Ukrainian Style.


UFO Housing.


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